10 Fun Things To Do In NYC Now That The Weather Is Getting Colder

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

10 Fun Things To Do In NYC Now That The Weather Is Getting Colder

We’re transitioning from sweater weather to coat weather. Pretty soon long walks in the park and late nights out bar hopping aren’t going to be such attractive ideas anymore. But fear not! There are plenty of things to do in NYC when the weather gets cold. Here are 10 awesome ideas:


1. BYOB Game Night

[Marcy Leigh/Flickr]
[Marcy Leigh/Flickr]
Game Night at The Brooklyn Strategist is just like the game nights you used to have with your family, but without your grandpa cheating and your sister crying. Oh, and you can bring alcohol if you want, to go with the free sodas and snacks. You can get your ticket for a discount when you buy on the Fever app.


2. Museums and Art Expos

[Paul Saad/Flickr]
[Paul Saad/Flickr]
Spend the day in one of NYC’s fabulous museums, or go to a small gallery to see works by up-and-comers. Great exhibits to check out this week are Margaret Bowland’s paintings on wealth and power, Robert Mapplethrope’s polaroid photography, and Bridget Riley’s abstract paintings of nature.


3. Theater

off broadway cover

On Broadway and off, NYC is the place to be for great theater. Right now, Fever is featuring tickets to The Imbible for only $35, and Company XIV’s version of Cinderella for only $41.


4. Hipster Concerts

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There is no shortage of concerts to go to in NYC, which range from multi-floored venues with outstanding bar service, to your friend’s cousin’s basement in Brooklyn. Some great performances to check out in November are Elysian Fields, DIIV, and The Knocks.


5. Drink Tea


Tea warms you up, and it doesn’t have the acidity of coffee or all the sugar of hot chocolate. Tea Drunk brews their tea like the ancient Chinese did, maximizing its taste and its calming effect. Go on Fever to get a green tea and 10 percent off all of Tea Drunk’s loose teas for $8.


6. Read

books cover

There’s nothing like curling up with a good book. Read at home, at a coffee shop, or spend some time in the public library and see what you find.


7. Learn to Cook

home cooking

Two options for this one: set up in your tiny kitchen with a YouTube video on how to make lasagna, or take a BYOB cooking class where you’ll have an instructor teaching you how to make sushi or tapas. The choice is yours.


8. Catch Up On Movies


Make a list of all the movies you’ve been meaning to see for a while. Have a movie marathon with your friends, or watch one film each weekend.


9. Bourbon Tasting

Whiskey is for winter. On Tuesday at Barley and Grain, you can get an unlimited tasting of Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon, along with appetizers like hush puppies and cajun fries, for only $23 when you buy on Fever.


10. Comedy Shows

[Barton's Bites]
[Barton’s Bites]
They’re great any season, but spending two hours down in a stuffy cellar is a more attractive proposition when the weather outside is crummy. Fever has exclusive ticket prices for lots of comedy venues. Right now you can get two tickets to Dangerfield’s for only $4!


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