Christine Megrejo

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The Essential Soundtrack to NYC living

You could argue that NYC living has it’s own natural soundtrack; birds in the trees, cars honking at each other, the coughs and clearings of the throat on the subway. But sometimes you want to drown that natural soundtr...


Stub Hub to Open First Flagship Store in NYC

Don’t know what to do in the city? Tourist or native New Yorker, StubHub is going to solve this problem. They have just opened their first flagship store on June 20th. Located at 1412 Broadway, near 39th St, the new bri...

Things To Do

Famous NYC Movie Roles Recast

NYC has a lot of amazing movies and iconic roles set in it’s urban jungle. Classic roles that you just couldn’t see anyone else in… or could you? What if some of these iconic roles were recast for the newer, young...

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Why is Brooklyn called Brooklyn?

Brooklyn might be, aside from Manhattan, one of the most quintessential NYC locations. Even if you’ve never stepped foot in the 5 boroughs, you know about Brooklyn (probably from T.V.). Parents even name their kids afte...

Things To Do

Spring in NYC: Expectations Vs. Reality

Oh springtime in the city, what a joy! Warmer weather, fewer layers to wear, what could be better, right? Before you get lulled into that false sense of security, remember what spring in NYC is REALLY like. You get exci...



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