Things to do in NYC when you don’t feel like Doing Anything

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

Things to do in NYC when you don’t feel like Doing Anything

We’ve all been there; you want to see your friends, but you don’t want to actually DO anything. And frankly, they don’t want to do anything either. But you’ve got to do something, or else you’ll become a hermit in your apartment. So what can do you in NYC when you don’t feel like doing anything?

– Sunbathe at the nearest park


Key words here? “Nearest.” Don’t go trekking to Central Park to do this, because at that point you’re actually DOING something. Just go to your nearest patch of green, whip out the sunglasses and a blanket, and lay there. For hours.

– Drink on the roof of your building:


First, ONLY do this if you are allowed access to your rooftop. We’re not for angering landlords. That said, you don’t have to travel far and still can get some sun.

– Movie night:


Gather your friends, your significant other, and anyone else who appreciates not really moving much and watch Netflix or rent off Amazon. The beauty of streaming technology!

– People watch:

“People watching” really just means sitting on a bench somewhere and judging others who walk by, or making up their life backstories. It requires little effort, no money, and just a bit of imagination.

– Nothing:


In the end, the best kind thing to do when you want to do nothing is…nothing. Just send out that text that you’re too tired tonight. All your friends will probably secretly breathe a sigh of relief that they didn’t have to send that text first. Problem solved.

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