The Sugar Factory is Bringing Delicious Doughnuts from a Miami Chef

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

The Sugar Factory is Bringing Delicious Doughnuts from a Miami Chef

Sugar Factory, a well loved-by-celebrities dessert and cocktails chain, will be opening standalone doughnut shops in New York.They will be partnering with Max Santiago, a longtime pastry chef from Miami whose ooey gooey concoctions were known to cause long lines and rave reviews.

The first doughnut bar, called Sugar Factory Artisanal Doughnut & Coffee Bar, will be opened in the Upper West Side in June, with an outpost in the Gansevoort Market down in the Meatpacking District. The plan is to eventually open several locations around Manhattan.

Sugar Factory is known for it’s over the top dessert offerings, like their flagship “King Kong” sundae, that costs a whopping $99, or their candy-flavored cocktails. It’s been a hit with celebrities for years and has had its own locations in New York for a while now, but nothing quite like this.

No word yet on what the menu of the new donut bar will be like, but if it’s anything like Santiago’s last venture, it’ll be delicious. The Salty Donut, his store in Miami, has flavors like maple bacon and creme brulee, as well as donuts decorated to look like chocolate covered strawberries. Their most famous donut as cannoli cream in the center. So we’re pretty sure whatever comes to New York is going to be as good or better, and it’ll have to be, there’s plenty of competition here already.


Featured image source [the salty donut]

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