Why NYC makes for a Better Beach Holiday than LA

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

Why NYC makes for a Better Beach Holiday than LA

NYC has beaches; weird, right? And those beaches actually have a rich history and lots to do. In fact, we think an NYC beach holiday is better than an L.A. one. That might sound blasphemous, but we have our reasons.

● NYC is cheaper

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OK, when is NYC ever cheaper than anything? But you’re better off going to NYC if you’re already on or near the East Coast than flying out to L.A.

● You Don’t Have To Be a Model


L.A. is a world of actors, models, and people wanting to look as good as said actors and models. In NYC, there’s no competition and there’s no feeling bad about how you look. Feel free to don your bikinis and speedos without worrying about how tan you are compared to the next person.

● The Atlantic Ocean is Better for Swimming


A lot of the Pacific ocean can be pretty rough, and while it’s awesome if you’re a surfer, it often keeps you on the sand if you aren’t. The Atlantic tends to be calmer, so that means more wave time!

● We’ve got Coney Island


Not only is the beach awesome, but you’ve got a classic, famous amusement park attached that is far bigger than anything Santa Monica pier has to offer.

● You Can Get to NYC beaches without a car


Public transportation can’t be beat in NYC, and most beaches you can get to by some sort of train, subway, or bus line.

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