Stub Hub to Open First Flagship Store in NYC

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

Stub Hub to Open First Flagship Store in NYC

Don’t know what to do in the city? Tourist or native New Yorker, StubHub is going to solve this problem. They have just opened their first flagship store on June 20th. Located at 1412 Broadway, near 39th St, the new brick and mortar is meant to be a place to find things to do in the area and, well, buy tickets for them! There will be interactive kiosks that will let visitors buy tickets, as well as updated guides of what is going on for the day. It will also have an event space and photo booth for patrons to interact with.

Buying tickets is basically the same interface as their current website, and the tickets are all the same availability, but just makes the experience more interactive and discovery-focused, for when it’s the day of and you just want something to DO, but you have no idea what. StubHub has got you.

The space will eventually host autograph signings, meet and greets and even musical performances. It will also be staffed with customer service reps that will essentially help you figure out what to do today (or any other day). Although it is the first flagship store, StubHub does have stores in Chicago and L.A, but not with all the cool perks.

Swing by if you have some free time and need a little guidance. Besides, the photo booth is free, so it’s a win either way.