Things your mom gives you when you move to New York City

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

Things your mom gives you when you move to New York City

Mom; she always knows best and she always means best. Moving to New York City is the biggest event of your life, and while she’ll be crying over every packed box, she’s already planning to send you that care box from a few states away. And moms always have this crazy idea of NYC, so you can be sure she’ll be packing all the essentials:


Mace, or pepper spray: Doesn’t matter if you are a guy or girl, mom is going to think this essentially, because people get mugged like every day in NYC, right honey? Gosh, it’s so unsafe so you need something to protect yourself!


Detergent: she means well, but probably doesn’t realize that chances are your apartment doesn’t even have it’s own laundry… besides, you might as well just drop it off or even lazier, have it picked up.


Food: Mom probably doesn’t realize you can, you know, buy food in New York. In fact, you can buy a LOT of food in New York. But if she’s throwing in her best chocolate chip cookies, don’t complain. Those are one of a kind.


A planner: Because everyone’s so busy, busy, busy! You’ve got to write down your week! While yes, your life is about to get a little insane, it’ll be so insane you won’t have time to stop and write anything down.


Toilet paper: OK, this is might the most helpful thing mom will ever pack for you. Because you literally can’t have enough, especially if moving in with roommates. It will disappear before your very eyes!

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