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28 Ways To Spend Your Extra Day This Leap Year In NYC

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

28 Ways To Spend Your Extra Day This Leap Year In NYC

2020 is starting off on a high note already with the fact that it’s a Leap Year…which means we all have an entire extra day for the first time in FOUR years!

Usually most of us are complaining that there is never enough time, so it’s kind of rare that there is actually more than usual. But that begs the question, what will you do with it? There really are endless possibilities, especially in New York.

Well if you don’t have plans set, start making them for Leap Day, Saturday, February 29. We came up with 25 fantastic ideas so you don’t let this extra day go to waste.

1-5. Head Out to Brunch


Okay, there isn’t anything particularly special about brunch, but if you can spend one extra weekend day brunching, why wouldn’t you? NYC has loads of amazing options; here are some of our favorites:

6. Grab a Book and Curl Up and Read

Instagram / @glutenfreeglobetrotter

Reading is one of those things most of us want to do more of, but just can’t seem to find the time to do during our normal weekly schedules. Keep your Saturday completely free from plans and instead grab a new read and curl up in a cozy spot in NYC. Our favorite is the Rose Reading Room at the New York Public Library on Fifth Ave.

7. Go Snow Tubing and then Head to a Brewery


This is the perfect winter activity you can fit in when you have an extra day! Slip and slide your way down the snowy hills at Mountain Creek in New Jersey for a whole two hours, with a bonfire you can warm up to at the bottom. Afterwards, you’ll be brought by coach bus to a local brewery to sample brews and enjoy a sit-down dinner. Purchase your tickets for Feb. 29 here.

8. Visit the Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Yes, this is a super cliché NYC activity, but one of those things not many New Yorkers have actually done! Since it’s always on the “I’ll do that one day when I have time” list, it’s the ideal activity for an extra day. You can book tickets on their website, and don’t forget, they now have special new exhibits as well as heat lamps in the outdoor observatory.

9. Get Away for the Weekend

Instagram / @nnnnnicx

Megabus is doing a Leap Day special for only $2.29 on trips from NYC to Philadelphia (and back again) for Saturday, February 29 through Sunday, March 1. It’s “while supplies last,” so book online before they sell out here.

Or, book one of these tiny cabins upstate.

10. Save Money By Doing a Bunch of FREE Things

Instagram / @thebushwickcollective

Even though you have an extra day, don’t be stressed about that throwing off your monthly budget. Instead, plan an amazing day full of FREE (or super cheap) fun! Check out our epic list of 101 ideas here.

11. Check Out a New Museum Exhibit

Credit: Photo: Thanassi Karageorgiou / Museum of the Moving Image.

With the new year comes loads of new museum exhibits, and NYC’s 2020 art scene is on fire so far. This list features all of the best exhibits coming to NYC museums this year; just check the dates listed before you head there. Some don’t start until March, but many are actually already open!

12-16. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Instagram / @premier57spa

You deserve it! There’s no better plan for an extra day than to spend it indulging in some much-needed self-care. These are some of the most relaxing options in the city:

17-21. Beat the Winter Cold By Pretending it’s Spring

Instagram / @catyjung

Even though it’s the middle of winter, there are still signs of spring in NYC. Check out these indoor oases:

22. Explore Little Italy in the Bronx

Arthur Avenue (or the area of Belmont) in the Bronx is also known as “Little Italy in the Bronx.” This area has developed a very special, under-the-radar alcove of quality Italian restaurants, markets, bakeries and shops thanks to the generations of Italian immigrants who have lived there. Check out our guide here, and spend your extra day eating delicious Italian specialities.

23. Have a Mousse Flight

You’ve heard of beer and wine flights, but what about a flight of mousse? Yes, as in the chocolate variety! There’s a brand new mousse bar (the first in the country) that just opened in East Harlem, where you can taste classic flavors like white chocolate and hazelnut to more unique offerings like matcha and passionfruit.

24. Head Out on a Winter Hike

Facebook / Harriman State Park

Survey our top 10 spots, from leisurely walks to more hardcore hikes, here!

25. Check out a Leap Year Themed Pop-Up

Credit Alexa Bendek

In honor of Leap Year, OddFellows Ice Cream and Thai restaurant Fish Cheeks are teaming up for a one-night-only Leap Day Pop-Up Party at OddFellows Dumbo (60 Water Street) on Saturday, February 29th from 6-9pm. You’ll get a curated three-course meal including delicious Thai food, sake tastings, and a decadent sundae. Find out more here.

26. Get a Free Drink at Lot 15

Courtesy Lot 15

If you’re a Leap Year baby! If you happen to share a birthday with Ja Rule, Superman or Mark Fisher, the Planters Punch cocktail will be served with a sparkler for free, honoring those who present a valid license, proving they are a leap-day-baby. The cocktail is made of rum, pineapple and orange juice, grenadine and lime, and can be enjoyed among 4 – 6 people.

Where: Lot 15, 45 W 35th St.

27. Enjoy Free Pancakes at Grand Central

Courtesy Nutella

Would you be willing to swap out maple syrup on your pancakes for Nutella instead? Well that’s exactly what Nutella wants you to do this Saturday, February 29. Their “Syrup Swap Shop Pop-up” will be happening from 9am-4pm in Vanderbilt Hall right in Grand Central Terminal. Read all about it here.

28. Spend a Day at Home Doing Nothing

Okay, all these plans sound good and all…but you know what would be perfect? Doing absolutely nothing. And that counts as a well-used extra day to us!

featured image source: Instagram / @rado_van19