Escape The Hustle Of The City In This Tiny Summer Cabin • Getaway House

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Escape The Hustle Of The City In This Tiny Summer Cabin • Getaway House

As much as New Yorkers are ride-or-die for their city, even the most loyal among us need a break every once in a while.

There’s a reason it’s nicknamed “the city that never sleeps,” after all! And the perfect place to catch some extra Z’s is at a Getaway House.

Getaway House is a chain of tiny cabin hideaways helping people in big, bustling cities like NYC, Boston, LA and D.C. and others disconnect from their busy city lives.

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They have two New York outposts on the east and west sides of the Catskills in upstate New York, about two hours from the city. The cabins are spread across 20 acres, so you’ll get the perfect mix of seclusion without being in the middle of the woods completely by yourself! There are 10 two-person cabins and two four-person cabins (with bunkbeds) at each location.

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Getaway’s tiny luxury cabins aren’t just like other cabins—they’re straight out of any millennial’s dreams. They fully embrace the minimalistic lifestyle, and all cabins feature floor-to-ceiling windows so you can wake up in the wilderness. They include comfy queen beds, a mini kitchen with a stove, a bathroom with a hot shower, a campfire grill grate, picnic furniture, and organic, biodegradable amenities.

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The cabins also come with a lockbox to put your phone away and relax, and pots, pans and other provisions up for purchase if you don’t feel like bringing your own. Oh, and you don’t have to find a dog sitter because furry friends are more than welcome!

There’s lots of hiking nearby like Kaaterskill Falls and Overlook Mountain Trail, as well as the sculpture garden Opus 40, but just doing nothing and chilling out by the fire sounds pretty perfect to us.

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