This Airy Bushwick Café Is Now The ‘Best Coffee Shop In America’ • Sey Coffee

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This Airy Bushwick Café Is Now The ‘Best Coffee Shop In America’ • Sey Coffee

It’s probably no shock that some of the best coffee shops in the whole country are here in NYC, but did you know the absolute best shop in America is in Bushwick, Brooklyn?

According to Food & Wine, that is. Earlier this month, the expert publication released their all-encompassing Best Coffee Shops in America for 2019, and the number one spot is none other than Bushwick coffee shop Sey Coffee. They spent over two years on-the-ground discovering everything the country’s coffee shops have to offer, so you know this was a thorough pick.

So what makes this shop so special? Here’s what to know:

The café space is an airy, greenery-lover’s paradise.

Instagram / @jemimahzonio.

Sey was started by two West Coast transplants, and you can definitely tell from the design aesthetic of the café. The space boasts loads of natural light due to multiple skylights, luscious hanging plants and natural wood features, bringing a pop of Cali sunshine to the Brooklyn street.

You can follow along with their team’s travels around the world in search of the best coffee beans on Instagram.

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The shop and roastery values close relationships with their growers that ensure quality and sustainability.

You can learn how to properly taste coffee at one of their cupping sessions.

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If you’re interested in becoming more of a coffee connoisseur (or just appreciating your morning cup more), you can attend “cupping” sessions at Sey. Cupping is when coffee experts sniff and slurp (really!) different coffees in order to best determine their different taste features. Sey opens their sessions up to the public once a month.

They have a very selective, seasonally-sourced array of coffee options.

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They currently have four choices, ranging from an Ethiopian bean with a “ripe peach sweetness” to a “field blend” from seven different farms in Honduras.

Featured photo: Instagram / @seycoffee

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