50 Things To Do In New York Before You Die (Or Move Away)

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50 things to do


There are just about as many things to do in New York as there are people that live here. This is our “must-do” checklist for every quintessential New Yorker to complete. How many can you check off?

1. Go to an outdoor performance

2. Get a soft pretzel or a hotdog from a food cart

3. Take an aimless stroll through Central Park

central park

4. Visit a hidden beach spot

5. Party on a rooftop

6. Party on a rooftop you’re not supposed to be partying on

7. Record a street performance and upload it to Facebook for no less than a hundred likes

8. Watch the sun set over the Brooklyn Bridge

brooklyn bridge

9. Photobomb a tourist’s picture of Freedom Tower, or the Statue of Liberty, or some other landmark

10. Wave at the camera when you’re walking past ABC news

11. Get a dog

12. Get another dog

13. Give a dollar to a street musician

street musician

14. Miss your train

15. Barely make your train

16. Wait too long for your train

17. Spend the night in a museum

18. (Mis)Interpret a piece of modern art

[Dale Cruse]
[Dale Cruse]
19. Go to the premiere of your friend’s indie film

20. J-walk (almost getting hit by a cab is optional, not encouraged)

21. See the ball drop in Time Square on New Year’s

22. Meet a celebrity

23. Go to a Broadway show


24. Visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum

25. Go to a trivia night

26. Go to a New York team’s home game

27. Play a game that you’re (never) too old to be playing

28. Ice skate in Rockefeller Center

ice skating

29. Attend a political protest

30. Play speed chess in the park with a stranger

31. Make a budget

32. Break your budget

33. Make a wish in a fountain


34. Pretend you’re interested in buying a couture accessory/piece of clothing on 5th Avenue

35. Spend the weekend at your friend’s place in the Catskills/Hamptons

36. Go to an adult Halloween party

37. Smoke on somebody’s fire escape

38. See the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

39. Meet your soulmate by happenstance at a coffeeshop (or at least someone who you date for a while)

40. Have dinner in Hell’s Kitchen

41. Stay out until 6am

42. Get kinky

43. Go to a farmer’s market

farmer's market

44. Order a beer only brewed in New York

45. Listen to some live indie music

46. Explore alternative methods of getting to work (a horse, rollerblading, etc.)

47. Inadvertently walk through a construction site

48. Ride a ferry

[David Merrett]
[David Merrett]
49. Talk about moving somewhere else because it’s too expensive to live here

50. Decide to stay because NYC is the only place to be