The Top 15 Fears Every New Yorker Has

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

The Top 15 Fears Every New Yorker Has


The crime rate in NYC is relatively low, but that doesn’t mean New Yorkers don’t have lots of fears. Here are the 15 things that every New Yorker is most afraid of:


15. Getting caught in a downpour without your umbrella

14. Subway route changes on your busiest day

13. Getting lost in the West Village

west village streets

12. Losing your unlimited Metrocard that has 29 days left on it

11. Losing your phone

10. Finding a mouse in your apartment (because you know there’s more)


9. Losing your friends during a night out

8. ^In Brooklyn

7. Falling asleep on the subway and waking up in Parkchester

not in kansas anymore

6. Getting stuck on a subway train for hours

5. ^Underneath the river

4. Falling through a sidewalk grate

sidewalk grate

3. Being run over by a rogue taxi

2. Getting in a taxi and the driver turns out to be a serial killer

1. Falling off the subway platform

subway platform


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