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12 Of New York City’s Best Chinese Restaurants

By Bianca Bahamondes

12 Of New York City’s Best Chinese Restaurants

 NYC is home to countless cuisines but aside from pizza and bagels, the next quintessential fare is probably Chinese food.

There are countless Chinese restaurants across NYC, so we created a map (at the bottom of the article) showing the locations of nearly all of the really good ones and we’ve even highlighted a few of our favorites here. From upscale options to old-school spots that have been around for a while there’s something on the list for everyone.

1. Birds of a Feather

Instagram / Birds of a Feather
Instagram / Birds of a Feather

Where: 191 Grand Street (Williamsburg)

What: This Williamsburg spot has a large menu and gratuity is already included in the prices. Go-to items include their dan dan noodles and wontons in chili sauce, but you’ll want to order a handful of things to share.

2. Chinese Tuxedo

Facebook / Chinese Tuxedo
Facebook / Chinese Tuxedo

Where: 5 Doyers Street (Chinatown)

What: This upscale Chinese restaurant is located in a former two-story opera house that has a particularly chic vibe with dishes to match. The plates are small for delicious. Things you should try while there: the pork belly char siu, chicken liver paté,  crispy sichuan eggplant, and squid ink noodles.

3. Fu Run

Instagram /
Instagram /@eats_shoots_leaves

Where: 40-09 Prince Street (Flushing)

What: This Dongbei-style restaurant serving up Northern China cuisine is a must-try when you’re in Flushing. If you get a chance to eat there you have to get their Muslim lamb chops!

4. Han Dynasty

Facebook / Han Dynasty NYC
Facebook / Han Dynasty NYC

Where: 215 West 85th Street (Upper West Side); Other locations: 90 3rd Avenue (East Village); 1 Dekalb Avenue (Brooklyn)

What: Critics say the chain’s best location is the original NY outpost on Third Avenue, and since that’s the only one we’ve been to we blindly agree. Their dan dan noodles are spicy but delicious, and the pickled vegetables are a must for the table.

5. Joe’s Steam Rice Roll

joes steam rice roll
Facebook / Joe’s Steam Rice Roll

Where: 136-21 Roosevelt Avenue (Flushing); Other location: 261 Canal Street (SoHo)

What: They’ve perfected a simple dish, the steamed rice roll. The soft rice rolls can be filled with anything you want from beef, to shrimp, to vegetables—or all of that in one if you’d like. You really can’t go wrong here.

6. MáLà Project

Facebook / MáLà Project
Facebook / MáLà Project

Where: 41 West 46th Street (Midtown);  Other location: 122 1st Avenue (East Village)

What: Known for their Chinese dry pot, this East Village eatery has over 50 ingredients for you to choose from!

7. Mission Chinese Food

mission chinese
Instagram / Mission Chinese Food

Where: 171 East Broadway (Lower East Side)


What: Mission Chinese Food offers a unique spin on Sichuan fare with innovative menu items like their kung pao pastrami.

8. Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Facebook / Nom Wah Tea Parlor, Karin Wimark
Facebook / Nom Wah Tea Parlor, Karin Wimark

Where: 13 Doyers Street (Chinatown)

What: If you’re looking for dim sum Nom Wah Tea Parlor is where to go. It’s been around since 1920 maknig some of the city’s best dumplings.

9. Peking Duck House

peking duck house
Facebook / Peking Duck House

Where: 28 Mott Street #A (Chinatown)

What: You can’t go to Peking Duck House without getting peking duck! Their prices won’t break the bank and their portions are large so you definitely won’t be leaving hungry. Their duck soup and chicken/beef with broccoli are really good, too.

10. Philippe Chow

Facebook/Philippe Chow

Where: 33 East 60th Street (Upper East Side)

What: Serving up Beijing-style fare, Philippe Chow is a place meant to impress. Be ready to splurge a bit.

11. Wo Hop

Yelp/MoMo K.

Where: 17 Mott Street (Chinatown)

What: Located in Chinatown Two Bridges, Wo Hop is perfect for Chinese food at anytime of day…literally. They’re open 24-hours a day!

12. Yun Nan Flavour Garden

yelp /
Yelp /Tamotsu N.

Where: 5121 8th Avenue  (Sunset Park)

What: Yun Nan Flavour Garden is the perfect restaurant for take-out (and used to be mostly that due to its smaller original shop), but dining in is a wonderful experience now that there’s more space. The restaurant makes their own noodles, which are an absolute must-try and their menu item Crossing Bridge Noodles is one of their more popular dishes.

featured image source: Facebook / Chinese Tuxedo

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