There’s A $37 All-You-Can-Eat Korean Barbecue Restaurant In NYC

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There’s A $37 All-You-Can-Eat Korean Barbecue Restaurant In NYC

Earlier this year a new NYC restaurant officially changed the Korean barbecue game in New York–and now it’s back open with outdoor dining!

Let’s Meat created the first all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue in Manhattan back in February—a concept that has proven popular in places like Los Angeles and Korea over the years.

And after pandemic closings, they’re back open for outdoor dining in NYC’s Koreatown.

According to Eater, the restaurant’s team decided to do this in “an effort to break the stigma of bad buffet dining with Korean tradition and an expansive menu of lesser-known cuts.” 

Facebook / Let’s Meat

Regardless of the reason, we’re certainly not complaining! In the city, a night out for Korean barbecue can quickly rack up an expensive bill.

Facebook / Let’s Meat

However, if you’ve ever been to an AYCE you’ll know there are a few rules and Let’s Meat is no different. If you choose to dine here, a la carte ordering is not an option so you’ll have to be ready for AYCE. As usual to this dining style, you will not be able to take home leftovers and there will be a maximum time of 100 minutes for dining. Within the first 70 minutes you’ll be able to order as much meat as you’d like, and then spend the last 30 minutes to continue grilling and eating.  

Facebook / Let’s Meat

There are two AYCE options to choose from, a premium and an original. The original is slightly cheaper (at $36.99) and includes 18 items: 14 proteins, five side dishes, and four vegetables. The premium choice (at $42.99) features all 18 items, but an additional 9 items which are made up of three side dishes, and six proteins that include seafood. 

The manager of Let’s Meat, Hue Lee, hopes this system will become profitable by gaining repeat diners.

What: Let’s Meat 

Where: 307 Fifth Avenue

When: Daily 12pm-11pm

We would recommend heading there on a weekend, since K-town’s main 32nd St. is completely closed down to traffic those days!

featured image source: Facebook / Let’s Meat

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