20 Best Restaurants In Little Italy That Aren’t Tourist Traps

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20 Best Restaurants In Little Italy That Aren’t Tourist Traps

Anyone who’s been to Little Italy know what a tourist trap the area is. With every restaurant begging you to dine there it’s hard to cut through the noise and find a place that truly serves good food.

To keep you from being completely overwhelmed, we’ve compiled a list of 20 restaurants in Little Italy (and Nolita, for good measure) that are genuinely delicious options. From Italian to Malaysian fare, there’s bound to be a perfect place for you on our list. We’ve also gone ahead and created a map at the bottom for easy future access. Bon appétit!

Il Cortile

Where: 125 Mulberry St

What: With a lovely garden atrium, this Little Italy staple has been around since 1975 and has something on the menu for everyone.

 Da Nico

Where: 164 Mulberry St

What: If you’re looking for delicious pizza, Da Nico is where to go. You can make your own or choose from one of their classics. Either way, you’ll end the meal with powdered sugar zeppole.

Ferrara Bakery

Where: 195 Grand St

What: This iconic shop that’s been around since 1892 makes sweet and flaky Italian pastries daily, and some of the best cannolis in Little Italy.

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Baz Bagel & Restaurant

Where: 181 Grand St

What: This bagel shop on Grand St is a hidden gem that makes hand-rolled bagels, latkes, and blintzes.

Aux Epices

Where: 121 Baxter St

What: Check out the laksa at this cute Malaysian restaurant.

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Where: 390 Broome St

What: It’s all about the seafood at Seamore’s. From the lobster mac to the scallop crudo, everything here is worth trying.

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Bánh Mì Saigon

Where: 198 Grand St

What: This cash only spot makes amazing Vietnamese sandwiches that cost about $5!

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La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels

Where: 249 Centre St

What: A wine bar in Little Italy, they also have wonderful small plates like beef tartare and confit rabbit.

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Di Palo’s Fine Foods

Where: 200 Grand St

What: This grocery store doubles as a sandwich shop that makes a hearty Italian sandwich.

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Aunt Jake’s

Where: 149 Mulberry St

What: Although a bit pricier than other Little Italy jaunts, it’s made up for in the portion sizes. If you’re not in the mood for one of their specialties, you can always make your own dish!

Gelso & Grand

Where: 186 Grand St

What: Perfect for big groups, this is great spot to host a birthday dinner in the heart of Little Italy.

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~ Nolita ~


Where: 235 Mulberry St

What: Two words: Vodka pizza.

Emilios Ballata

Where: 55 E Houston St

What: This star studded restaurant doesn’t take reservations, so if you don’t want to wait too long it’s best to go early.

Ruby’s Cafe

Where: 219 Mulberry St A

What: This quaint spot next to Rubirosa makes great burgers, and while their pastas are always really good, we love their rice bowl.

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Pasquale Jones

Where: 187 Mulberry St

What: The little neck clam pizza and diavola are absolute musts.

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Where: 194 Elizabeth St

What: Feel free to venture out of your comfort zone here. However, if you’re looking for something safe and delicious we suggest going with the octopus (Polpi in Purgatorio) and the lamb chops (agnello con polenta).

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Where: 231 Mott St

What: A pizza is a must-order item when you visit Emporio. If you like mushroom, we recommend tasting the speck and mushroom pie. The Nutella calzone dessert is also heavenly.

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The Butcher’s Daughter

Where: 19 Kenmare St

What: This vegetarian restaurant makes great cauliflower pizzas and is a solid breakfast/brunch spot.


Where: 248 Mulberry St

What: Their meatballs and chicken parmigiana are are out of this world. And their garlic bread. And their spicy rotini…basically everything!

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Where: 32 Spring St

What: The coal oven pizzas from Lombardi’s are famous, and the spot is often called NYC’s first pizzeria.

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