Bagel Wars: The Top 15 Favorite Bagel Shops In NYC, Voted By NYers

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Bagel Wars: The Top 15 Favorite Bagel Shops In NYC, Voted By NYers

Yes, we’re very serious about our bagels…

Arguing between where to get the best bagel in NYC is a never-ending feud responsible for ending friendships, cutting off family members, and yes, different plans for Sunday mornings.

And similar to their favorite pizza joint, New Yorkers are very passionate about where to get the best bagel in NYC. So we asked our followers to tell us their favorites and we tallied up the answers into one list ranking the top 15 bagel spots according to true NYers.

*Drumroll please*  The votes have been counted, and the results are in. Ranked from most beloved at number one and going down, here are NYC’s top 15 best bagel spots, recommended by NYers:

1. Ess-a-Bagel, Various Locations

Facebook/ Ess-a-Bagel

Coming in at first is none other than Ess-a-Bagel. Serving up fluffy and delicious bagels, this fan favorite was first established in 1976. Since then, the chain has multiple locations across Manhattan so if you haven’t tried it, go check them out!

Where: Various Locations

2. Brooklyn Bagel, Various Locations

Facebook/ Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

This shop guarantees that glutenous chew every NYer is looking for in their bagel. Whether you’re ordering a schmear or one of their signature sandwiches, you honestly can’t go wrong with any choice.

Where: Various Locations

3. Absolute Bagels, UWS


From endless cream cheese options to homemade bagels hand-rolled to perfection, this UWS spot is definitely worth the trip.

Where: 2788 Broadway, New York

4. Tompkins Square Bagels, East Village

Facebook/ Tompkins Square Bagel

With an everlasting menu of house sandwiches and specials, you could walk into Tompkins Square Bagels everyday and order something new each time. This neighborhood shop is truly a cult favorite and for good reason!

Where: 165 Avenue A, New York

5. Tal Bagels, Various Locations

Facebook/ Tal Bagels

From ooey-gooey cheese to piled high lox, Tal Bagels has been a common NY name since ’88.

Where: Various Locations

6. Zucker’s, Various Locations

Facebook/ Zucker’s Baghels & Smoked Fish

Originally founded in Tribeca, Zucker’s has been hand-rolling and kettle boiling their bagels since the very beginning. Partnered with Acme Smoked Fish, La Colombe Coffee, Guss’ Pickles and more, Zucker’s works each day to provide top notch quality made with the best ingredients.

Where: Various Locations

7. Leo’s Bagels, FiDi

Facebook/ Leo’s Bagels

Whether you’re looking for a bialy, cinnamon raisin, everything bagel or more, you can find them all at Leo’s—even health grain and gluten free options!

Where: 3 Hanover Square, New York

8. Bagel Pub, Brooklyn

Facebook/ Bagel Pub

This Brooklyn favorite can be found at different locations across the borough. Beyond their mouthwatering bagels, they also serve paninis, wraps, salads and more!

Where: Various Locations

9. Russ & Daughters, LES

Facebook/ Russ & Daughters

Renowned throughout New York as an iconic city staple, this family-run Jewish deli is known for it’s incredible bagels and lox.

Where: 179 E Houston St, New York

10. Murray’s Bagels, Greenwich Village

Facebook/ Murray’s Bagels

Murrays Bagels has been operating under a process that has been passed on for generations focused on bringing spectacular bagels to New Yorkers year after year. Go and try them for yourself!

Where: 500 6th Ave, New York

11. Utopia Bagel, Whitestone


Order their Action Bronson Dolphin Sandwich with thick beef salami, melted American cheese, pickled jalepeños, mayo, and roasted chili pepper hot sauce on a sesame bagel.

Where: 1909 Utopia Pkwy, Queens

12. H & H, UES

Facebook/ H & H Bagels

For nearly 50 years H & H Bagels has been using the same methods consisting of proofing, kettle-boiling, a cold water bath, and baking on a burlap covered wood board on vintage revolving trays ovens. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! You might even recognize it from Seinfeld, The Office, Sex and the City, How I Met Your Mother, Entourage, Boy Meets Girl, or many others.

Where: 1551 2nd Ave, New York

13. Pick-A-Bagel, Various Locations

Instagram/ pickabagel

With plenty of locations to choose from, you’re sure to have one near you to try!

Where: Various Locations

14. Kossar’s, LES

Facebook/ Kossar’s

Kossar’s on the LES has been around for almost a century. Set on tradition, this spot is the oldest Bialy bakery in the country!

Where: 367 Grand St, New York

15. Bo’s Bagels, Harlem

Facebook/ Bo’s Bagel

Bo’s Bagels began as a small stand and has since turned into a booming bagel and bialy business.

Where: 235 W 116th St, New York

Try them all out and see if you’d rate them the same!

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