What Your Neighborhood Says About You

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

What Your Neighborhood Says About You


There are all different types of people in New York, and there’s a lot you can tell about a New Yorker just based on their neighborhood. Here are some conclusions we can draw about you, given where you live:


East Village: You’re rich and you spend all your money on nightlife.

West Village: You have a very good sense of direction.

Chelsea: Statistically, you’re probably gay.

Washington Heights: Could you possibly be any more dull?

Harlem: You’re a Renaissance man/woman, or you’re a TFA Corps member.

LES: You’re a starving artist but you’re too proud to move to Brooklyn.

Flatbush: You’re a starving artist who resigned to your fate of moving to Brooklyn.

Long Island City: You’re an artist who’s doing slightly better than starving.

UWS: You have a New Yorker subscription and read things like War and Peace for fun.

UES: You have a boring, well-paying finance job in Midtown.

FiDi: You prefer your days to be crazy and your nights to be mellow.

DUMBO: Any time a new trend emerges, you’re there.

Williamsburg: You think you’re a hipster, but you’re really just like the mainstream Manhattanites.

East Williamsburg: You’re pretty gullible. Does anyone actually believe “East Williamsburg” is a thing?

Bed-Stuy: You’re a student at a college in Brooklyn, or you signed the lease for your apartment without looking at it first.

Bushwick: You started from the bottom, now you’re here.

Park Slope: You have that “I’m cooler because I live on the west side of the park” attitude.

Bay Ridge: You’re the first one to say “Fuck all of New York City’s bullshit.”

Astoria: You’re the type that stays in on the weekends.

Riverdale: Does anyone actually live here?

Eastchester/Parkchester/Baychester: You enjoy long subway rides and going to the zoo.

Staten Island: You’ve either lived in the same place your entire life, or you decided to retire young.

Crown Heights: You’re just in it for the Labor Day parade and the good Caribbean food.

Tribeca: You’re either a celebrity or a total socialite.


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