Every Open Bathroom in New York City on One Map

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Stuck in foot traffic on the streets of NYC and need the bathroom? Stuck in the Times Square madness and need the WC? Here’s EVERY open bathroom in the city on one map.

The city bursts at the seams with tourists during the holidays and long weekends, but your bladder is a honey badger… “It doesn’t give a F***!” Finding a public bathroom in the city is like hunting for alligators in the sewers; people have told you that they’re there, but try as hard as you can, you won’t find one.

Dr. Wansoo, the creator of nyrestroom.com and professor at Rutgers University, aimed to cure one of Manhattan’s oldest problems, the difficulty of finding a public restroom.

The map was originally posted on the Uber Drivers Forum; all that time driving around the city, those guys n’ gals have the insider info when it comes to open bathrooms, and now we do too.

If you find yourself doing the I-need-the-bathroom-dance or clench, don’t hesitate in visiting and adding to this open NYC resource.

The map covers everything from public bathrooms to bookstores, coffee shops and hotels with available restrooms. Enjoy.

Access the NYC restroom map here.