A Nutella Lover’s Guide To NYC

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A Nutella Lover’s Guide To NYC

Nutella—you either love it or you…wait, there isn’t anyone who actually hates Nutella, is there?!

Well even if there somehow is, this guide is for the lovers of Nutella. The ones who could eat Nutella on their pancakes for breakfast, in their baguette for lunch, and in their ice cream for dessert.

We’ve rounded up all of the things in NYC you must eat if you have a passion for this chocolate hazelnut spread, perfect for what has to be the most mouthwatering food tour in all of NYC.

1. Pallone di Maradona (Fried Nutella Pizza), Song’E Napule

Instagram / @songenapulenyc

While their pizza is incredible, the dessert menu at tiny SoHo restaurant Song E’Napule is basically a love letter to Nutella. And the pièce de résistance is the “Pallone di Maradona,” which translates to the “Maradona ball.” The dish consists of a deep fried pizza filled with Nutella, sprinkled with sugar on top, and then baked to caramelization. When it’s served in all its glory tableside, the waiter tops it with another spread of even MORE Nutella!

Where: 146 W Houston St.

Hours: Monday–Sunday 12pm–11pm

2. Nutella Soup Dumplings, The Bao

Instagram / @cherryontop89

These amazing, chocolatey soup dumplings are accessible in both Queens and Manhattan. Located on Main Street in Flushing, Queens, Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao was there long before its spinoff The Bao found its home on St. Mark’s. Both places now serve the delicious dumplings, which are filled with pieces of banana along with a sizable serving of melted Nutella! Although not technically filled with soup, the melted Nutella takes on a “soup” consistency when melted.

Where: The Bao (13 St. Marks Place); Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao (59-16 Main St.)

Hours: Everyday 11:30am-10:30pm; Everyday 11am-10:30pm

3. Everything, The Nutella Cafe

Instagram / @nutellacafenewyork

Of course we couldn’t leave out the once place in the city actually dedicated to Nutella…by the company itself. The Nutella Cafe in Union Square serves a menu perfect for chocolate lovers, including but definitely not limited to: a make-your-own Nutella bar with bases of crepes, waffles, croissant French toast, and polenta pancakes; hand pies filled with Nutella; grilled baguettes and banana bread topped with Nutella, and stuffed croissants. Oh, and there’s Nutella to drink too, like espresso with Nutella (the “espresso gourmet”), a chocolate latte, and various hot chocolates.

Where: 116 University Place (near Union Square)

Hours: Monday-Thursday 7am – 10pm; Friday 7am – 11pm; Saturday 8am– 11pm; Sunday 8am – 10pm

4. Nutella Chocolate Cloud On Tap, Blue Stripes Cacao Shop

Instagram / @bluestripescacao

You probably can’t imagine exactly what this is just by the name. In fact, even the description of the frozen hot chocolate foam sounds like pure sorcery: “close your eyes and dream of using a straw to drink a cloud that is made from 100%‭ ‬pure chocolate‭.‬” We’re in.

Where: 28 E 13th St.

Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am – 11pm; Saturday/Sunday 9am – 11pm

5. Nutella Sea Salt Cookie, Chip

Instagram / @chipnewyorkcity

Chip came on the scene in Astoria, Queens about two years ago, and has been taking NYC by storm. Many New Yorkers actually claim their cookies are better than icon Levain Bakery. The flavors rotate each day, so be sure to check their social media pages to see when the Nutella cookie is on deck.

Where: Multiple locations, see website here.

Hours: See website.

6. Nutella Brioche, Aux Merveilleux de Fred

Instagram / @dipsdines

This bakery brings authentic French flavor to the West Village. It comes from Chef Fred Vaucamps, who turned the century-old Merveilleux pastry, made of meringue and whipped cream with different toppings, into a dessert phenomenon. Though the Merveilleux is the main pull there (and you should try that too!), they also have a perfectly light-and-fluffy Nutella-filled brioche bun.

Where: 37 Eighth Ave.

Hours: Everyday 8am – 7:30pm

7. Nutella Bomboloni, Angelina Bakery

Instagram / @@foodbinge__

Angelina Bakery in the Garment District specializes in Italian desserts that have been passed down through the family from Nonna herself. Enjoy savory options like arancini, calzoncini and cheese focaccia, but don’t sleep on the sweets. The bomboloni (an Italian fried doughnut) are filled with either Nutella or cream. They also have a Nutella-filled large doughnut!

Where: 575 8th Ave

Hours: Everyday 7am – 8pm

8. Nutella Doughnut, Dough

Instagram / @doughdoughnuts

Dough has some of the very best doughnuts in NYC (if not, the best), and their yeast Nutella doughnut is rolled in cinnamon sugar, filled with creamy Nutella, and finished with powdered sugar on top. Sounds like heaven.

Where: Multiple locations, see their website here.

Hours: See online.

9. Nutella Calzone, Gnocco

Instagram / @pizzaecookies

There’s a Nutella pizza, so of course there’s a Nutella calzone as well. This is on the dessert menu at Gnocco in the East Village. And it’s actually stuffed with Nutella and ricotta…a combination that seems like a match made in heaven!

Where: 337 E 10th St.

Hours:  Monday-Thursday 11am-11pm; Friday 11am-12am; Saturday 11:30am-12am; Sunday 11:30am-11pm

And don’t forget, you can get free pancakes and a 13-oz jar of Nutella at Grand Central this Saturday, February 29!

featured image source: Instagram / @doughdoughnuts

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