Nutella Soup Dumplings are Real, and You Can Only Get Them in Queens!

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Nutella soup dumplings were once available in Manhattan at the popular St. Mark’s restaurant The Bao. Unfortunately, as of August last they no longer serve Nutella xiao long bao and removed it from their menu altogether.

However, there is still one restaurant in the five boroughs that serves up these heavenly bites—Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao.

Located on Main Street in Flushing, Queens, Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao was there long before its spinoff The Bao found its home on St. Mark’s.

The delicious dumplings are filled with pieces of banana along with a sizable serving of melted Nutella! Although not technically filled with soup, the melted Nutella takes on a “soup” consistency when melted.

Regardless of where in NYC you live, these special dumplings are well worth the trip (as are all their other soup dumplings which have been praised by critics as some of the best).

Featured image source: Denise D. /Yelp