5 Best Spots For Fluffy Soufflé-Style Pancakes In NYC

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5 Best Spots For Fluffy Soufflé-Style Pancakes In NYC

Fluffy soufflé-style pancakes is the ultimate breakfast dish that also doubles as a sweet dessert!

In the last few years, restaurants that are serving these deliciously airy pancakes have been popping up quite a bit. These tall soufflé pancakes are such a hot commodity these days that when Taiyaki started serving them last winter people waited in lines for over two hours in freezing temperatures to try these cloudy creations! That said, there are a handful of places in NYC serving these tasty pancakes with fun toppings, special butters, and sweet syrups—take a look below at some of our favorites:

1. Taiyaki

Instagram / @thebellychronicles via Taiyaki NYC

In 2019, Taiyaki announced that they were adding Japanese-style soufflé pancakes to their weekend menu. These soufflé pancakes are only available on the weekends, so it should come at no surprise that long lines form of people trying to get their hands on these delicious cakes. You can find them on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from 11am-2pm at both locations.

Address: 119 Baxter Street (Chinatown); 294 Bedford Avenue (Williamsburg)

2. Flipper’s

Instagram /flippersus

Known for their unique soufflé pancakes that are made without the use of a mold, these airy creations have been dubbed “miracle pancakes” for their moist texture and soft edges that are created by the constant flipping of these airy cakes on a pan. The Miracle Pancakes can be served with the café’s freshly made creams (maple, strawberry, and matcha flavors). Flipper’s even makes an eggs Benedict with the soufflé pancakes as its base!

Address: 337 West Broadway (SoHo)

3. Hi-Collar

Instagram / @tinaxzw⁣ ⁣⁣via Hi-Collar

This Japanese cafe has many notable qualities, one of which is their soufflé pancake. Hi-Collar is one of the first (if not the first) place in the city to offer these cloud-like cakes. Named “Hot cakes” on their menu, they’re served with a specialty butter and any additional toppings you’d like (like bananas, strawberries, whipped cream, red beans, choco walnut, and so on).

Address: 231 E 9 St. (East Village)

4. Fluffy’s NYC

Fluffys NYC

Fluffy’s NYC can be found at Smorgasburg serving up some tall pancakes. According to them, the creation is “not quite a pancake nor is it a souffle, it’s a little bit of both.” But we’re still considering it a soufflé pancake because, well, look at that soft cloudy stack!

Address: 90 Kent Avenue (Smorgasburg Williamsburg – Every Saturday from April through October); Prospect Park Breeze Hill (Smorgasburg Prospect Park – Every Sunday from April through October)

5. SoftBite


SoftBite is named for the softness of their fluffy soufflé-style pancakes and is a newer addition to the scene. They pride themselves on creating a. pancake so soft, airy, and light that it’ll melt in your mouth.

 1216 Broadway, Ground Floor entrance on W 30th St (Koreatown)


Open: Mon. -Thurs. from 12pm-10pmFri.-Sat. from 11am-11:00pmSun. from 11am-10:00pm
Open:Sun.-Thurs. from 8am-8p mFri.-Sat. from 8am-10pm
Open: Everyday from 11am-5pm (4pm last order)Night hours vary

featured image: Taiyaki via Instagram

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