Bloomingdale’s Dazzling 2021 Holiday Window Displays Are A Technicolor Dream

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Bloomingdale’s Dazzling 2021 Holiday Window Displays Are A Technicolor Dream

And of course, that includes the iconic window displays, mostly down Fifth Avenue.

Though Saks Fifth Ave is perhaps the most famous — and theirs will go up tomorrow, Nov. 23 — other luxury shopping brands have already decked out their front facades, including Bloomingdale’s 59th St. Flagship!

The theme for the Bloomingdale’s display this year is “Give Happy,” inspired by their holiday campaign, and hopes to spread joy and cheer to New Yorkers throughout the season.

Here’s a play-by-play of each window, as shared by Bloomingdale’s:

Window 1: “Let’s Celebrate”

Photo Credit: Tom Sibley
  • Multicolor window inspired by the “Give Happy” holiday campaign colors with the logo on the video body of a larger-than-life friendly robot.
  • Robot emerges from the screen with 3-D components creating an eye-catching display.
  • Viewers can see themselves in the window with the help of a mini selfie robot.

Window 2: “Cool Games”

Photo Credit: Tom Sibley
  • Blue and white display debuts a playful igloo environment.
  • Viewers are invited into the home of a penguin family, dressed in stylish garments and enjoying each other’s company.
  • Discover old school video games and many other gems in the scene.

Window 3: “Magical Memories”

Photo Credit: Tom Sibley
  • Whimsical take on a music box, with a spinning ballerina emerging from a seashell draped in sparkle and shine and activated by a lock and key.
  • Mirrored sidewalls featuring ornate molding complete the pink and purple themed scene. 

Window 4: “Cozy Comforts”

Photo Credit: Tom Sibley
  • Highlights textures and celebrates all things crochet.
  • The mannequins seated in a crochet loveseat take the spotlight in vibrant crochet garments and are snuggling together in their knitted designs.
  • The crochet theme extends into the walls and floor which are adorned in crochet fabrics.
  • Strings of multicolor lights frame the top of the scene with yarn inspired visuals on the video wall.

Window 5: “Totally Rad”

Photo Credit: Tom Sibley
  • Psychedelic window design that reimagines the Christmas tree as an 80s themed dinosaur, set against a video screen with retro geographic visuals that extend into the walls.
  • This dinosaur is decorated with miniature dinosaur ornaments and decked out in cool headphones, all while riding a skateboard.
  • As a finishing touch, the window uses black lights to bring this rad scene to life at night.   

Window 6: “Red Wrap-ture” 

Photo Credit: Tom Sibley
  • Spotlights a gift-wrapping atelier scene with a spinning mannequin being wrapped in a beautiful fabric by a second mannequin.
  • The duo is surrounded by side walls with bolts of fabric and wrapping material.
  • In the background, a video wall showcases abstract flowing ribbons. The window’s color palette is primarily red with pops of gold, black and metallics.

See them at 1000 3rd Ave. (at 59th St.) in person!

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