17 Best Mac & Cheese Dishes In New York City

These dishes are rich, creamy, and perfectly made with a soul-comforting blend of cheeses.

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17 Best Mac & Cheese Dishes In New York City

Nothing says comfort quite like a bowl of mac and cheese, where you see the strings of cheese failing to break with every forkful (or spoonful!).

There’s no shame in ordering mac and cheese from a restaurant, especially if it’s from one of the places on this list! From creamy rich classics, to over-the-top fusions, here are all the places in NYC with must-try mac and cheese dishes (and a map at the bottom to help find a spot nearest you):

1. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Flatiron

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese / Facebook

Where: 900 Broadway, New York
What: As the menu item name suggests with a title of “World’s Best,” this mac & cheese is truly delicious and incredibly cheesy. If you’re looking for quality Beecher’s should be at the top of your list.

2. Sek’end Sun, Astoria

Instagram / @hungry_travels_ via @sekendsun

Where: 32-11 Broadway, Queens
What: Add pulled pork to their aged cheddar and parmesan mac for the perfect start to your meal (or as the whole meal, honestly).

3. Murray’s Cheese Bar, West Village

Instagram / @theveryhungrygal via @murrayscheesebar

Where: 264 Bleecker St, New York
What: Murray’s was on our list of the best grilled cheese in the city, and their mac and cheese delivers just as well. It’s made with cheddar, Gruyere, Gouda, and Scharfe Maxx—a dark, funky, and super melty Swiss cow’s milk cheese. They also have other versions like French Onion Mac, Buffalo Chicken Mac, and Meatball Marinara.

4. The Smith, Midtown East

@woahitsrem via The Smith/Facebook

Where: 956 2nd Ave (Various Additional Locations)
What: This fabulously cheesy mac goes straight from the oven to table! Seriously, it’s brought to you in the hot skillet it’s made in, which means even when you have to take that halfway break it’ll still be warm when you get back to finishing the dish.

5. Root & Bone, East Village

Instagram / @rootnbonenyc

Where: 200 E 3rd St, New York
What: Don’t let this “side dish” deceive you. It’s meant to be shared family style so it’s actually a very large portion.

6. Delmonico’s, FiDi

Instagram / @delmonicosnyc

Where: 56 Beaver Street, New York
What: The king crab mac and cheese at Delmonico’s is indulgence at its finest. Its made with a blend of parmesan and crucolo cheese mixed in torchio pasta with quite a bit of Alaskan king crab.

7. Jacob’s Pickles, UWS

Facebook / Jacob’s Pickles

Where: 509 Amsterdam Ave, New York
What: Although they have a couple of options, their must-try item is the buffalo chicken mac & cheese…but it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. They have regular mac & cheese, too, that’s just as good.

8. Thursday Kitchen, East Village

Instagram / @newyork.foodguide

Where: 424 E 9th St, New York
What: This fusion restaurant has a unique (and amazing) truffle mac & cheese, which is made with manila clam, fontina, gruyere, and mozzarella.

9. Westville, West Village

Facebook/ Westville

Where: 210 W 10th St, New York (Various Additional Locations)
What: This local mini-chain tosses spiral pastas with their signature smoked Gouda bechamel, and then bakes it until the top is brown and crispy. Bacon is optional, but we highly recommend it.

10. Almond, Flatiron

Instagram / @big_food_girl

Where: 12 E 22nd St, New York
What: A popular brunch spot, Almond is also home to Le Grand Macaroni & Cheese. The grand dish is made with prosciutto and summer truffles! The spot is supposed to reopen in the next few weeks so stay tuned for further updates.

11. Catfish, Bushwick

Facebook/ Catfish

Where: 1433 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn
What: This Cajun kitchen makes a wonderful baked mac & cheese that’s made with béchamel sauce, gruyere and white cheddar, scallions, and crumbled zapp’s “cajun crawtator” chips on top! You can even splurge for some bacon or crawfish additions, too.

12. Heidi’s House, UES

Facebook/ Ed’s Elbow Room-Heidi’s House LLC

Where: 308 E 78th St #3, New York
What: You can basically make your own macaroni and cheese here. Their “better than Grandma Lola’s” mac can be made to order with: bacon, chorizo, lobster, spicy chopped jalapeños, roasted organic cauliflower or broccoli, mushrooms & white truffle oil, and white truffle oil. The possibilities are endless.

13. Earl’s Beer and Cheese, UES

Instagram / @seemyplate

Where: 1259 Park Ave, New York
What: There may not be a boatload of menu items to choose from here, but you only need one: mac & cheese. It’s made with giant rigatoni, rosemary, goat cheese, and a touch of cream.

14. Cafeteria, Greenwich

Facebook / Cafeteria Restaurant

Where: 119 7th Ave, New York
What: They have several signature mac & cheese options on offer, and honestly, we love them all!

15. Queens Bully, Forest Hills

@nyplatechaser via Queens Bully / Facebook

Where: 113-30 Queens Blvd, Queens
What: Their creamy cheddar mac was voted best in Queens at the Mac & Cheese Smackdown 2018. There are plenty of add ons you can include, but the basic recipe calls for cheese sauce, elbow pasta, parmesan, and toasted breadcrumbs. (We’re dying to try it with shrimp or brisket though!)

16. S’MAC, East Village

Facebook/ S’MAC

Where: 197 1st Avenue, New York
What: Short for Sarita’s Macaroni & Cheese, you can’t beat the mac & cheese here because it’s their specialty! Offering a wide variety of mac & cheese dishes, the menu includes low carb, gluten-free, and vegan options! We recommend the S’mac Sampler to get a little taste of everything!

17. Mac Shack, Clinton Hill

Facebook/ Mac Shack

Where: 901 Fulton St, Brooklyn
What: The Mac Shack offers over 15 different mac & cheese options ranging from Alfredo Mac, Curry Mac, and Pizza Mac. You’re sure satiate all of your mac & cheese cravings at this Brooklyn favorite.

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featured image source: Facebook / The Smith

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