A Real Life ‘Central Perk’ Coffee Shop May Finally Be Coming To NYC

Rumor has it a Harry Potter exhibit is coming...but we think it's actually the very first Central Perk!

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

A Real Life ‘Central Perk’ Coffee Shop May Finally Be Coming To NYC
Nothing’s etched in stone, but it seems there’s a rumor going around NYC that there’s Harry Potter exhibit in the making. But SecretNYC has their own ideas about what’s coming…

According to a report released Monday evening by Crain’s New YorkWarner Bros. Entertainment has signed a lease on a building in the Flatiron District. The report goes on to say that the 35,000-square-foot space located at 935 Broadway will be used as a Harry Potter exhibit tour similar to the popular one in London—The Making of Harry Potter—which gives visitors a tour of original pieces, props, and set designs from the movies.

Although nothing has been made official by Warner Bros. directly, this is certainly a speculation we’re excited to entertain! But while we’re throwing around rumors…what if the three-story space is dedicated to New York’s very own…dare we say…Central Perk?! 


In early 2018, SecretNYC shared that Warner Bros. Entertainment acquired the trademark copyrights to the name and logo for Central Park to  be used for “coffee shop and cafe services; coffee bars; tea bars; snack bars.” Considering all the commotion that’s been surrounding Friends lately with their 25th anniversary pop-up and the Central Perk couch making its rounds across the world, we can’t help but feel like maybe there’s a little more to this than the quarter-century anniversary. Sure, it could certainly just be wishful thinking, but let us at least dream of the day that we can walk into Central Perk with our friends in real life and plop onto the bright orange couch with a hot cup of coffee!


We’ll wait to hear from Warner Bros. but we’re just excited at the possibilities for this new Flatiron space.

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