Pivot! The “Friends” Central Perk Couch Is Coming To NYC This Weekend

In honor of the show's 25th anniversary, the iconic Central Perk couch will be popping up all around the world.

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Pivot! The “Friends” Central Perk Couch Is Coming To NYC This Weekend
This month, Friends will be celebrating 25 years since the sitcom first aired. In honor of the quarter-century of laughs, Warner Bros. will be taking the iconic Central Perk couch for a trip around the world.

According to an exclusive report by USA Today, NBC has created 30 replicas of the famous orange couch which will be dispersed in various locations across the world; one which will of course be coming to where all the magic (technically) takes place—NYC!

The couch will make its city debut by way of the Friends pop-up experience which opens this weekend. “The One with the Pop-Up,” as it’s being called in honor of the episode titles created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, will be home to the Central Perk couch from Saturday (September 7) until Sunday (October 6).

However, the couch will also be making a quick appearance at the Empire State Building on September 21st and 22nd, as the show originally aired on September 22, 1994. 

As the report states, the couch will be located in various cities over the course of September. Here’s the full list of where you’ll be able to get your photo with the Central Perk couch throughout the U.S.:

  • Empire State Building (New York) (Sept. 21-22)
  • Friends Pop-Up Experience (New York) (Sept. 7-Oct. 7)
  • Tribeca Television Festival (New York)
  • Grand Canyon (Arizona)
  • Maggie Daley Park (Chicago) (Sept. 21)
  • Willis Tower (Chicago) (Sept. 20-22)
  • Jackson Square (New Orleans) (Sept. 19-22)
  • Klyde Warren Park (Dallas) (Sept. 13-29)
  • Reunion Tower (Dallas) (Sept. 16-30)
  • US Bank Tower (Los Angeles) (Sept. 16-22)
  • AT&T stores (Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Anchorage, Alaska; Mall of America in Minnesota)

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