A ‘Friends’ Pop-Up Is Opening This Fall In NYC To Celebrate The Show’s 25th Anniversary

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A ‘Friends’ Pop-Up Is Opening This Fall In NYC To Celebrate The Show’s 25th Anniversary
Come September it will officially be 25 years since the first episode of Friends aired, and they’re celebrating the milestone with a pop-up experience New Yorkers have been waiting for.

The month-long Friends experience will open on September 7 and it will invite fans back into the crazy world of this nostalgic, close-knit friendship, welcoming visitors into their apartments. The immersive experience—which will be called “The One with the Pop-Up” in honor of the typical episode names created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman—will take place in SoHo and feature complete set recreations, various photo opps and, of course, the iconic Central Perk. (To be honest, we’re still waiting for a Central Perk to open permanently in the city, but we’ll take what we can get!)

Fans will be able to step into Joey and Chandler’s apartment, take photos in the classic turkey head, and even get “the chance to learn how to be as type A as Monica when it comes to cleaning.” The space will also include an area where people can purchase all sorts of Friends merch!

The experience will run until October 6, and tickets went on sale Friday, August 2, for $29.50 but sold out rather quickly. However, as the site says: “Tickets may be sold out, but like Janice you never know when we’ll be back.”

You can find out more at friends25popup.com.

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