8 Breathtaking Art Exhibitions You Can Only See This Summer in NYC

The art scene in NYC is a rich and fluid organism, changing from season to season, as malleable and migratory as the artists themselves. This summer sees some once-in-a-lifetime exhibits that should garner the attention of anyone with even the most cursory interest in our prominent art scene. The following eight exhibitions span everything from more indie galleries to some of NYC’s most celebrated institutions. From home grown artists old and new to a Mexican master, here are the 8 art exhibitions you should definitely catch this summer.

Nick Mead Paintings

British-born painter Nick Mead’s second exhibition at The Hole. His abstract work has evolved from the stark black and white palette to integrate further hues and compositional complications. The show title “Paintings”, and the artwork titles “The Painter on His Way to Work” suggest that his art is about painting itself.

Calder: Hypermobility

The exhibition brings together a varied collection of the work of Alexander Calder and the extraordinary ballet of sound and movement in his work. This exhibition something to be experienced rather than witnessed, as Calder intended, in motion. The kinetic nature of the work and it’s choreography, is definitely something to behold before it ends in the fall.

The Curators’ Eggs

In this groundbreaking exhibition, thirteen guest art curators select one artist each. The works span several mediums from painting, sculpture and installation. As the gallery says in their press release, “the exhibition will manifest the ongoing dialogue between artists and cultural influences in an effort to momentarily articulate the hyper-evolving landscape of contemporary art.” 

Ettore Sottsass: Design Radical

Ettore Sottsass was a seminal figure in 20th-century design. Ten years after the death of the Italian architect and designer, this exhibition showcases his career in a presentation of architectural drawings, interiors, furniture, machines, ceramics, glass, jewelry, textiles and pattern, painting, and photography.

Past Skin

This exhibition features six artists: Cui Jie, Jordan Kasey, Hannah Levy, Abigail Lucien, Jillian Mayer, MSHR, and Madelon Vriesendorp. The show is an exploration in the provocation by the historian and cyber-feminist Donna Haraway, “Why should our body end at the skin?” The work tests the diminishing boundaries between our bodies and technology.

Florine Stetteimer: Painting Poetry

This exhibition offers an exploration of the work of the modernist painter, designer, and poet Florine Stettheimer (1871–1944) through over 50 paintings and drawings. The work is a selection of costume and theater designs, photographs and ephemera, as well as critically acclaimed poems.

Brandi Twilley, “Where The Fire Started”

This exhibition of paintings by New York based artist Brandi Twilley explores the artist revisiting the bedroom of her childhood home, which was destroyed by a fire in 1999. The paintings are based on pastel drawings she made before the house burned down and brood on the life that was then lost in the fire.

Cristóbal de Villalpando: Mexican Painter of the Baroque

“Cristóbal de Villalpando emerged in the 1680s not only as the leading painter in viceregal Mexico, but also as one of the most innovative and accomplished artists in the entire Spanish world. [metmuseum]”

For the first time ever, Villalpando’s celebrated altarpiece, commissioned for the cathedral of Puebla, has left its home in Mexico and is on show in the Robert Lehman Collection wing of the Met. This is truly a once in the lifetime exhibition.

Featured image source [Wikimedia Commons]