25 Struggles Only People Living In Brooklyn Will Understand

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25 Struggles Only People Living In Brooklyn Will Understand


Living in Brooklyn is great, but the struggle is real sometimes. Here are 25 challenges Brooklynites face on a regular basis:


1. When your Manhattan friends text you and say, “We’re meeting at Union Square in 20.”

2. By the time you get to dinner everyone has already started their entrees.

3. When the L is fucked so it looks like you’re staying in tonight.

4. There’s just no good way to get from Flatbush to Williamsburg.

5. The good bagel shops are fewer and farther between.

6. Commuting to Manhattan for work every day.

7. Delays, re-routes, and all that BS.

8. You finishing your whole magazine before you get there and have nothing to read on the way home.

9. On top of that, you usually have to stand the entire time.

10. And if you get a seat, there’s always someone falling asleep on you.

falling alseep on someone on subway

11. Consignment shops are cool, but sometimes you can’t find your size anywhere but Macy’s.

12. Attempting to pronounce Hoyt-Shermerhorn.

13. Wait, where’s the Trader Joe’s?

14. “The next and last stop is…Bowling Green.”

15. When a Manhattan express train turns into a Brooklyn local and you have 15 stops to go…

Living in Brooklyn
16. People yacking on their cell phones on the subway.

17. Constantly reassuring your mom that your neighborhood is safe whenever she calls.

18 You’re expected to host the holiday parties because your apartment is the most spacious.

19. “Yeah…yeah you went to Fulton street in Manhattan. That’s okay. I’ll see you in 45 minutes.”

20. Running in Prospect Park at night and being freaked out by how quiet it is.

living in Brooklyn
21. Too many indie coffee shops to choose from.

22. Meeting someone who lives in Manhattan and choosing either a long sexually frustrating subway ride now, or a long walk of shame tomorrow

23. More need for Ubers.

24. Your roommates are all weird.

25. Gentrification. Happening right before your eyes.

living in Brooklyn

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