25 Struggles of Moving In NYC That Are Just Too Real

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

25 Struggles of Moving In NYC That Are Just Too Real

When that dreaded time—the end of your lease—comes around, you might be moving to a new space in a different part of the city. Here are all the struggles you’ll go through on your journey from Washington Heights to Dumbo:


1. When you start to pack everything up, you wonder how you can possibly own this much stuff

2. You have to decide whether to keep it, sell it, or chuck it

3. And you inevitably end up keeping most things

[Mike G/Flickr]
[Mike G/Flickr]
 4. You don’t have a vehicle, because this is New York

5. So you need to find someone who has a truck, or rent a U-Haul

6. And then, of course, you haven’t driven in at least a year

7. So this is you while you’re driving the damn thing:

dog driving meme

8. And if you have an insane amount of stuff, you might have to make multiple trips

9. You also need people to help you carry things

10. But nobody wants to help you move


11. Even the people you thought you could count on most will turn into flakes when you ask them to help you move

12. So you have to bribe people with homemade baked goods

13. Or pay them, but you’re already broke because this is New York

help me i'm poor

14. And don’t you dare tell your helpers that the building is a walk-up

15. You’ll feel bad about lying, but they won’t show up unless they think there’s an elevator

16. Because when there’s not, this happens:


17. Sometimes people bring things into your new apartment in the wrong order

18. You can’t fit your bed in your room because your dresser is already in there

19. You’re looking around and wondering how you can fit all these things in such a small space

not possible

20. You also forgot which things you put in which boxes

21. You might feel so hopeless that you just live like this for three months:

moving boxes
[Beth Kantor/Flickr]
22. So you can never have guests over

23. And you can’t cook anything

24. So you’re a hermit surviving on only take-out food

25. The only solution is to live in your current apartment for as long as you possibly can

dog going to bed


Cover photo credit: Cameron Adams/Flickr

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