23 Stages of Falling In Love In NYC

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

23 Stages of Falling In Love In NYC

Everyone knows that NYC is the perfect place to fall in love. And if you ever get a chance, you should definitely fall in love with a New Yorker. Here are the stages you go through when it happens:


1. Maybe you meet your new love at a party.

hillary duff falling in love

2. Or at a bar.

fall in love at bar

3. Or on the subway.

4. Actually probably not because nobody talks to anyone on the subway.

shaking head

5. But however you met, your first conversation is probably about what you do.

you're a smelly pirate hooker

6. Everyone knows opposites attract—maybe you’re in finance and they’re in an artist.

7. Or you’re looking for someone with the same career struggles as you.

two dogs one stick
8. The first time you spend the night together is magical.


9. Then there’s the walk of shame. Which is actually a walk, subway ride, subway transfer, and another walk.

walk of shame

10. If you live in different boroughs, by the time you get home half your day is gone.

11. But it’s okay, because you really really really really really like them.

i really like you

12. Next time you meet you take a long walk in Central Park.

walk in central park
13. And maybe even rent a boat.

central park boat couple

14. You go out to dinner.

date night

15. And then you decide to stop going out to dinner because it’s too fucking expensive.

shaking head

16. But every once in a while you find a sweet deal on dinner for two.


17. You love buying everything on Fever that’s “for two” because you actually have your number 2 now.

500 days

18. Subway kissing.

subway kissing

19. You visit all the city’s most romantic places.

[Kevin T. Houle/Flickr]
[Kevin T. Houle/Flickr]
20. You figure out your common interests, like theater, art and music.

[Phil Roeder]
[Phil Roeder]
21. Or maybe you’re both into weird shit like burlesque or competitive ping pong.

best burlesque in NYC
[Time Out]
22. But that’s okay because, if there’s one place where you can find a soulmate who’s into the same weird stuff you’re into, it’s New York City.

falling in love bk bridge

23. And if you can survive a relationship in this crazy place, your love will surely last forever.

[Chris Goldberg/Flickr]

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