21 Struggles of Living In NYC In The Winter

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

It may not officially be the start of winter yet, but it definitely feels like winter, and we’re beginning to feel all the struggles that come with it. Like these:


1. Not being able to control the temperature in your apartment


2. It’s either freezing so you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning

cold gif

3. Or it’s way too hot and you feel like you’re suffocating


4. Putting on layers to walk outside and then sweating profusely when you’re on the subway

crowded subway

5. And if it’s a crowded car you have no room to even take off your coat

6. Snow

7. Melting snow

8. Everywhere

9. In the subway car

11. On the subway steps


13. Feeling like it’s midnight when it’s only 6pm

14. Not wanting to go out because it’s too cold

shaking head

15. Seriously what do you do with your coat when you’re in the club?

i don't know

16. And those winter boots are not sexy enough to get you in

17. Working out is out of the question until April

shaking head

18. So you gain weight because you stay in and eat all the time

hamster eating

19. You cannot go to Herald Square, Times Square, or Rockefeller Center for any reason

20. Because you will get trampled and/or suffocated by the mob of people

21. Better to just hide out in your apartment until spring comes




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