17 Signs That You’re A Twenty-Something Grandma/Pa Living In NYC

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17 Signs That You’re A Twenty-Something Grandma/Pa Living In NYC

NYC. A city for the young, wild and free. A place to realize your dreams, work hard and play harder and live out your youth to the fullest.

Until one day, when you decide to move away from the busy rush to settle down and have early nights in front of the TV. Wait, one day? As in…the FUTURE? No way, this is what all the twenty-something grandma’s and grandpa’s are about NOW! Bring onnnn netflix in bed at 7pm on a Saturday! Age is just a number, baby.

1. You are endlessly wracked with guilt because although you live in one of the best cities in the world, but you spend your weekends in your slippers and sweatpants.

2. Although that’s not to say you don’t try…it’s just that you think “I could go out, or I could catch up on my laundry and Sex in the City box-set instead…”

3. You are always slightly in awe of the business women on the tube still wearing their heels.


4. You’ve got that one perfect friend who first says those three magic words that every single one of us has wanted to hear since moving to a city with a different pop-up opening every week… “Let’s stay in”.

5. When you do finally go out, you start nodding off and dreaming of pjs by 12…

6. You have people over for pre-drinks, you buy booze and snacks, everyone enjoys the feast… but then you don’t go out after, and you pig out on the leftovers.


7. You find NYC’s hustle and bustle exhausting…especially commutes…

19. When you find yourself at more and more trivia nights and evening classes…


20. You live life vicariously through your flatmates that are crazy enough to keep you feeling content with your quiet lifestyle…

21. Kid yourself by saying that you couldn’t afford to do anything BUT stay in and binge watch Orange is the New Black…what. a. shame.


11. You constantly receive funny looks on the tube due to the fact that you still use an actual iPod.

12. And you can’t help but feel jilted when someone doesn’t offer their seat to you but does to an older person.

13. Because, y’know…you’re tired too!


14. For birthdays and Christmases you tend to ask for crockery, kitchenware or homeware…

15. And it’s not just because you can no longer keep up with NYC’s quirky fashion trends.


16. You single handedly keeping your bodega on the corner afloat.

17. And you’re always at work first because you love going to bed at 10pm.

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