105-Year-Old Bar In Greenwich Village Is Now The World’s *Second* Best Bar • Dante

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105-Year-Old Bar In Greenwich Village Is Now The World’s *Second* Best Bar • Dante

It seems to be a very second-best year for NYC!

After being #2 on the World’s Best Cities list earlier this week, now the city has come in second in another category: World’s Best Bar.

The popular Greenwich Village bar Dante is now officially the second best bar in the world, sinking below the #1 spot it held last year.

The local watering hole has been a neighborhood staple since its opening in 1915. Originally opened as an Italian café, some changes were made when Linden Pride and Natalie Hudson purchased the New York landmark in 2015. The new owners made sure to keep to the bar’s roots but gave the space (and menu) a some much-needed tweaks.

Last year the restaurant-bar came in at number 1 on the list, being the world’s best, officially. But now, five years after coming under new ownership, the bar has been deemed No. 2 in the world by “The World’s 50 Best Bars” annual list. According to the ranking’s description:

“Credit where it’s due: back in 2015, Australian New Yorkers Linden Pride and Nathalie Hudson knew the Greenwich Village favourite needed change – but not to the fundamentals. So, the classical décor was given a lift, and in came refined but simple Italian food, aperitivos, coffee and cocktails. The Garibaldi remains the must-order libation. Made with Campari and ‘fluffy’ orange juice, it is the bar in a microcosm – an old classic brought back to life. Dante is the Best Bar in North America 2020, sponsored by Asahi Super Dry.”

Other New York establishments that made the list include Attaboy (No. 12), The NoMad (No. 13), Katana Kitten (No. 16), and Employees Only (No. 38).

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