NYC Has Been Ranked The 2nd Best City In The World For 2021

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NYC Has Been Ranked The 2nd Best City In The World For 2021

An annual ranking of the best cities is the world was just unveiled, and our beloved NYC was #2 on the list!

Though of course we think it should’ve been #1, second-best is still pretty good on a list of 100 cities all over the world.

International consultant group Resonance released the list on Thursday, Oct. 29, an annual tradition. It bases the ranking on a multitude of factors, including but not limited to: product (a city’s key institutions, attractions and infrastructure), programming (arts, culture, entertainment and culinary scene in a city), people (the immigration rate and diversity of a city), and prosperity (a city’s employment and corporate head offices, including the sub-categories of Fortune 500 Companies and Household Income as well as Employment Rate and Income Equality).

For NYC’s rank at #2, they acknowledge that though the city has taken a hard hit because of the pandemic, it is still incomparable. After pointing out NYC is one of the top cities for Global 500 companies, they wrote:
And that is part of the enduring allure of the city—the magical thinking that if you hustle hard enough, anyone could be persuaded to meet with you. New York is, above all, a gathering place where brains and bodies in indecent proximity to one another create the sparks of genius, invention, progress. Today New Yorkers stand at the ready, together and alone, on their stoops and balconies ready to defend their city.
Can’t say we disagree!

As for what made for #1? It was none other than London, England! Though we’re not happy about being beaten out, we do know a friend across the pond who can help show just how wonderful that city is…

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