10 Gorgeous Photos Of Wisteria Blooming Around NYC Right Now

It's that time of year!

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10 Gorgeous Photos Of Wisteria Blooming Around NYC Right Now

Between blooming florals, lots of greenery, and sun-shiny days, spring is here in NYC (and if this weekend’s weather is any indication, summer is not far behind!).

And as usual, there are lots of beautiful photos that we can live vicariously through! This week has been an especially good time to spy wisteria—the long-living, drippy purple vining flowers that climb high and bloom from spring into early summer. They have a penchant for brightening up the greenery and vines that cover old New York townhouses around this time of year.

Besides the East and West Village and Upper East and West Side, where most of those old NY homes sit, Central Park also has a quite a crop of them located at both the Wisteria Pergola around 70th St. (which are 100 years old!) and the Conservatory Garden at East 104th St.

Here are some specific addresses if you want to check them out in person:

  • 📍E 10th Street and Stuyvesant Street, New York City
  • 📍74th West between Columbus and Central Park West
  • 📍 Stuyvesant St. off 2nd Ave.

These charming photos will definitely transport you to a perfect purple paradise! Be sure to scroll through the posts with multiple pictures too.

Bonus: This may not be real wisteria, but this hidden romantic terrace restaurant in NYC has a gorgeous purple canopy!

featured image source: Instagram / @rtanphoto

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