VIDEO: Woman Loses Her S*** At LaGuardia Airport After Flight Delay

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LaGuardia Flight Delays Meltdown

We’ve all been there. Stuck in an airport waiting for a flight that seems like it’s never going to arrive, watching your precious vacation time slipping away as you drink crappy coffee and tolerate screaming children.

But this woman at LaGuardia is not about to take the 12-hour delay lying down – she’s got a Disney Cruise! And Mickey Mouse waits for no man.

Anger Inside Out
Her flip out resulted in the police being called and her daughter bursting into tears. She insists the airline reimburse her for the trip if she misses the Disney Cruise Ship’s departure from Miami. Here’s her full scream-fest:


But she wasn’t the only passenger getting irate over the delays due to inclement weather. So if you haven’t had enough of this story yet, here’s more footage for you:


Featured cover image: ABC
Video via Daily Mail

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