The 7 Most Decadent Doughnut Shops in NYC

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

The 7 Most Decadent Doughnut Shops in NYC


Dunkin might cut it for your coffee, but sometimes it just won’t cut it for your doughnut. You deserve better. You deserve a devilish, decadent, diet-ruining doughnut. So when you get that craving, get over to one of these places to satisfy it:


7. Underwest Donuts

[Facebook/Underwest Donuts]
The ultimate hole-in-the-wall, this doughnut shop is tucked inside a car wash. Their doughnuts come in unusual flavors like brown butter glazed, and tahini & halva.


6. Peter Pan Doughnut and Pastry Shop

[John Walker/Thrillist]
[John Walker/Thrillist]
A Peter Pan doughnut ice cream sandwich is definitely a dessert for two people. The different varieties of frostings and sprinkles will make your head spin. Red Velvet highly recommended.


5. Orwasher’s

Orwasher’s actually fills your doughnut to-order with a fresh fruit jam that they get from a farm upstate. It’s a mildly healthier doughnut, and it tastes way better than a jelly packed with preservatives.


4. Dun-Well Doughnuts

[John Walker/Thrillist]
[John Walker/Thrillist]
Vegan doughnut lovers rejoice! These delicious creations are free of animal products. Their selection is extensive, with over 200 rotating flavors like Butterfinger, root beer, and piña colada.


3. Dough Loco

[Foursquare/Emily B.]
Dough Loco makes flavor combinations you would never even dream of putting together, like maple miso and raspberry Sriracha. But their creativity makes them a must-try and their pastries are always fresh.


2. Doughnut Plant

[Doughnut Plant/Facebook]
[Facebook/Doughnut Plant]
The recipe for the doughnuts here hasn’t changed very much since 1910. The main difference is that there are a lot more flavors. The most popular is definitely the tres leches cake doughnut, which has sweet icing in its center.


1. Dough

[Adam Lapetina/Thrillist]
[Adam Lapetina/Thrillist]
Dough is actually one of the best doughnut shops in the country. Their doughnuts are huge, but there’s no shame in eating one all by yourself. They’re yeasted and yummy and come in flavors like dulce de leche, lemon poppyseed and dark chocolate. Sink into happiness!

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