Massive Boba-Filled Cream Puffs Steal The Show At This Cozy Chinatown Tea Shop

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Massive Boba-Filled Cream Puffs Steal The Show At This Cozy Chinatown Tea Shop

Come for the mochi donuts stay for the boba-filled cream puffs and gorgeous teas.

The sleek, neutral tones of the industrial interior, cleanse the palate for the kaleidoscopic delights being dispensed at Alimama. This Chinatown hotspot offers a menu of items that’s filled with rich colors, glittering coatings and an exploration of gooey, chewy, bouncy textures.

[Main image: Rebecca Chu via Alimama]

Instagram / @alimama.nyc

Most noteable are their epic creation of Boba Milk Tea Cream Puffs! Alimama has just upped the NYC pastry game. This ingenious combination is everything you love about milk tea and cream puffs in one heavenly treat: gooey tapioca pearls suspended in a luscious filling and housed in a crunchy choux.

Instagram / @alimama.nyc

If that wasn’t enough, the dessert gods of Alimama have also added a spiced Thai Tea and a smoky Brown Sugar Boba flavor to the menu. 

Instagram / @alimama.nyc

In addition to these instant classics, this cozy little tea shop was also the first in NYC to offer Japanese mochi donuts. Some of their signature options include their Onyx Mochi Donut (which is dripping with shimmering dark chocolate), and a basket of fresh Taro Munchkins. Now, Alimama has recently added a brand new Pon de Ring donut to the mix. The new donut promises to deliver an even chewier mochi donut than their popular counterparts, according to their Instagram announcement. (Note: They’re only available from Friday to Sunday!)

Instagram / @alimama.nyc

Once you’re done sampling the eclectic confectionery, it’s time to switch to straws (eco-friendly ones, of course). Take your pick of colorful cold brew teas (infused with beautiful organic leaves and flowers), Vietnamese coffee, or their Yuzu Detox Lemonade.

Instagram / @alimama.nyc

Janie Wang, the owner, is constantly exploring traditional confectionery from the East, fusing it with modern culinary shifts and adding a sprinkle of playful imagination to give them a brand new glow. Take the Cereal Mochi Donuts made with a mochi base and crowned with matcha-dusted Rice Krispies, for example.

Instagram / @@luckyricedotcom via @alimama.nyc

If you’re not already familiar with these unique sweet treats, then a trip to Alimama will change that with plenty of yuzu, taro, ube, boba and daifuku on the menu to try!

Instagram / @@jennerous_eats via @alimama.nyc

Aside from bringing you fresh, seasonally-inspired recipes every other week, Alimama caters to all your dietary sensibilities, offering vegan and gluten-free (which mochi donuts naturally are) options with flexible sweetness levels. What more could you ask for?

Practical information

Monday-Thursday 11:00-7:00; Friday-Sunday 11:00-8:00 (Closed Tuesdays)
$3-6 per treat


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