The 7 Best Hotdogs in NYC from Cheapest to Most Expensive

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The 7 Best Hotdogs in NYC from Cheapest to Most Expensive

Hotdogs are the ultimate guilty pleasure. They’re meaty, salty and incredibly unhealthy. You can get a simple, classic, no-bells-and-whistles dog, or you can dive into a more unique, elaborate creation. Next time you have a craving, check out these fabulous franks listed from the Cheapest to most expensive:

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Chelsea Papaya
  • The Dog – Chili Dog
  • The Price – $2.95
  • The Address – 171 W 23rd St

We had to have a classic chili dog on the list. The chili at Chelsea’s Papaya has meat and beans, and gets topped with cheese to complete this guilty pleasure.

Katz’s Delicatessen
[Jeffrey Bary]
[Jeffrey Bary]
  • The Dog – Frankfurter
  • The Price – $3.95
  • The Address – 205 E Houston St

Katz’s Delicatessen is most famous for their pastrami sandwiches, but if you want to skip the long line for lunch, you can get a hotdog instead. They’re simple, juicy, all-beef, natural skinned franks.

The Rusty Knot
  • The Dog – Pretzel Dog
  • The Price – $4.00
  • The Address – 425 West St

As you can tell from the picture, what’s unique about this dog is that the bread is baked right onto it. It’s wrapped in pretzel dough and baked until perfectly brown, to make a delicious bar snack.

Crif Dogs
  • The Dog – Chihuahua
  • The Price – 4.50 (Salsa – 0.50)
  • The Address – 113 St Marks Pl

Crif is famous for deep-frying its franks. The Chihuahua dog is wrapped in bacon and served on a roll spread with avocado and sour cream. There’s a plethora of bacon-wrapped hotdogs on this menu, and we recommend trying them all.

Gray’s Papaya
[Herman Yung]
[Herman Yung]
  • The Dog – Recession Special
  • The Price – $4.95
  • The Address – 2090 Broadway

So named because you get two dogs slathered with mustard, ketchup, or sauerkraut (or all of the above) and a soda for a bargain price. Perfect if you’re out with a friend at 2 am and craving some drunk food.

Schaller’s Stube
[Schaller’s Stube]
  • The Dog – The Classic
  • The Price – $7.00
  • The Address – 1652 2nd Ave

Schaller’s Stube sells several kinds of wursts, all of them worth a try. But if you’re looking to start somewhere you can’t go wrong with “The Classic”.  Bratwurst, Dusseldorf mustard and a healthy helping of sauerkraut, all that ads up to a mean dog.

The Cannibal
  • The Dog – Cannibal Dog
  • The Price – $14.00
  • The Address – 113 E 29th St

This meat-lovers’ paradise makes a truly unique creation: a hotdog topped with tripe and short rib ragu, and finished with Asian mustard. If that’s too adventurous for you, there are plenty of other delicious dogs to try on their menu.


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