The 10 Best Sandwiches in NYC, From Cheapest to Most Expensive

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

The 10 Best Sandwiches in NYC, From Cheapest to Most Expensive
From across all five boroughs, we bring you the absolute BEST sandwiches in the city. We’ve included everything from delis to restaurants, after all, it’s not about the location, but the quality of the eats. Prices are before tax and not including tip, so bear that in mind. Now, without further ado, here are 10 of the best sandwiches in NYC, from cheapest to most expensive, Enjoy:
Vanessa’s Dumplings
@gilliehouston via Instagram
@gilliehouston via Instagram
  • The Sandwich – Sesame pancake with roasted beef
  • The Price – $2.75
  • The Address – 118 A Eldridge St

The only sesame-pancake beef sandwich that counts. Beautifully fluffy and soft, roasted-sesame seed sprinkled triangular slices with thin slices of roast beef, pickled carrots, and cucumber. Delicious! 

Ba Xuyen
@lifesotasty_ via Instagram
@lifesotasty_ via Instagram

  • The Sandwich – Bánh mì
  • The Price – $5
  • The Address – 4222 8th Ave, Brooklyn

Roast pork, a sprinkle of cilantro, chopped daikon and carrots, sliced ham, pork roll, barbecue pork, and head cheese nestled on a Vietnamese baguette. Yeah, it’s as good as it sounds.

Brennan & Carr
@mark_rosati via Instagram
@mark_rosati via Instagram
  • The Sandwich – Roast beef with cheese
  • The Price – $7.30 (80 cents for extra cheese)
  • The Address – 3432 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn

Sheepshead Bay may just have the best thinly sliced, dipped roast beef sandwich in the city. It’s dished up on a Kaiser roll that’s soaking in a delicious helping of juice from the beef. Bon Appetite.

Sophie’s Cuban
  • The Sandwich – Pernil with a twist
  • The Price – $8.49
  • The Address – 369 Lexington Ave

Pernil with a twist features juicy roasted pork shoulder, grilled onions, soft sweet plantains, and mayo, with an aji-like green sauce bringing it all together.

Leo’s Latticini

super italian

  • The Sandwich – Super Italian
  • The Price – $9.75
  • The Address – 46-02 104th St, Queens

Prosciutto, capicola, soppressata, marinated mushrooms and peppers, and fresh mozzarella on a sesame-seeded roll. After you’ve eaten the Super Italian, you’ll realize that every other Italian Sub just pales in comparison.

Hank’s Juicy Beef
@hanksjuicybeef via Instagram
@hanksjuicybeef via Instagram
  • The Sandwich – Hank’s Juicy Beef with cheese
  • The Price – $11.75 (92 cents to add cheese)
  • The Address – 84 Chambers St

A sandwich so good they named it after the eatery. Slow-roasted thinly sliced beef in an Italian-style roll. Be sure to add a healthy helping of provolone cheese.

@hi_collar via Instagram
@hi_collar via Instagram
  • The Sandwich – Pork Katsu
  • The Price – $13
  • The Address – 214 East 10th st

Panko-fried, heritage-breed Berkshire pork chop on spongy soft white bread, just look at that picture! This sandwich is a work of art and delicious to boot.

@mekelburgs via Instagram
@mekelburgs via Instagram
  • The Sandwich – Nana’s Meatloaf
  • The Price – $14
  • The Address – 293 Grand Ave, Brooklyn

A meatloaf sandwich just like Nana used to make. A deliciously cooked mouth-melting meatloaf is wedged in a ciabatta roll to make the lunch of your dreams.

@estelanyc via Instagram
@estelanyc via Instagram
  • The Sandwich – Egg, pancetta, and avocado sandwich
  • The Price – $16
  • The Address – 47 East Houston Street, at Mulberry Street

A poppy seed sprinkled Danish pastry is filled with pancetta, a fried egg, mashed avocado and a splash of chile sauce. This isn’t your typical breakfast sandwich… it’s better.

Harry and Ida’s
@harryandidas via Instagram
@harryandidas via Instagram
  • The Sandwich – Pop’s Pastrami
  • The Price – $17.50
  • The Address – 189 Avenue A

A soft baguette is topped with tasty, fatty rib meat, butter fermented cucumbers, sprigs of dill and toasted rye berries, yum!

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