The 7 Best Bacon Dishes in NYC from Cheapest to Most Expensive

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The 7 Best Bacon Dishes in NYC from Cheapest to Most Expensive

Everyone loves bacon, but when it comes to bacon, you want the best. It can’t be too thin or cooked until it’s dried to a crisp. It needs to be succulent, salty, and perhaps a little sweet. Here are the five best bacon dishes in NYC (from cheapest to most expensive), made by experts who really know their bacon:

  • The Dish – Maple Bacon On A Stick
  • The Price – $3 ($8 for 3 people)
  • The Address – 899 Bergen St

The bacon in this dish from Landhaus is so thick that you wonder: can you still call it bacon, or is it something else entirely? Whatever it is, it’s salty, it’s fatty, it’s a little sweet, and it sure is delicious.

Peter Lurger Steak House
  • The Dish – Luger’s Sizzling Bacon, Extra Thick by the Slice
  • The Price – $4.50
  • The Address – 178 Broadway, Brooklyn

The appetizer to end all appetizers. Extra-thick, sizzling, salty goodness. This place has its own butchers, so you know you’re getting the real deal.

Crif Dogs
  • The Dish – Bacon-Wrapped Hotdog
  • The Price – $6.50
  • The Address – 113 St Marks Pl

Crif Dogs actually serves multiple bacon-wrapped dogs, and anyone that you try is bound to be delicious. Just be sure to eat some raw vegetables afterward to clean out your arteries.

Whiskey Tavern
  • The Dish – Bowl of Bacon
  • The Price – $9
  • The Address – 79 Baxter St A

This dish was presumably designed for bacon enthusiasts who just want their bacon and nothing else. The bacon bowl comes with two dipping sauces: maple syrup or blue cheese. You can sweet or savory, but no matter what, enjoy your bacon with pride.

Frankies Spuntino
frankies blt
[Frankies 457/Twitter]
  • The Dish – BLT
  • The Price – $13
  • The Address – 457 Court Street

The BLT at Frankies Spuntino, also known as Frankies 457, has been voted the best BLT in the city. The bacon is thick, the lettuce is crisp, and the tomatoes are ripe. The focaccia bread brings it all home.

NYY Steak
  • The Dish – NYY Steak Bacon
  • The Price – $18
  • The Address – 457 Court Street

A delicious thick-cut slab bacon with wilted spinach in a maple glaze for that juicy goodness that leaves you wanting more!

[Chasing James Beard]
[Chasing James Beard]
  • The Dish – BarBacon Burger
  • The Price – $19
  • The Address – 836 9th Ave

Because BarBacon specializes in all things bacon, it’s difficult to choose one dish from their menu that’s the best. It really all depends on your taste, whether you’re in the mood for a burger, nachos, soup, or salad, you can get it all with delicious bacon.

Cover photo credit: Yelp

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