Snow Is Forecasted To Fall This Friday In NYC

Justine Golata Justine Golata

Snow Is Forecasted To Fall This Friday In NYC

But we thought it was finally spring!!

Well, I guess we were all a little mislead by NYC’s temporary high temperatures and “fool’s spring” from last week.

Last Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday New Yorkers finally got their much anticipated warm weather reaching into the mid 60s! People were out and about sunbathing at the park and dining outdoors as many claimed that those past few days had finally felt like New York pre-pandemic.

But as NYC weather seems to be so apt on snow this season, we are yet again expecting some to fall this Friday. Many across NYC even stated seeing flurries earlier this Tuesday!

Temperatures should reach a high of 39°F on Friday, according to The Weather Channel. However, snow showers are predicted to fall early in the morning. During the day we will see a 50% chance of snow as winds could reach up to 40mph. Snow accumulation should not surpass an inch.

The Weather Channel/ New York

However there is some hope for the weekend, as forecasters predict temperatures to reach in the mid-50s with no more snow in the foreseeable week’s future.

At least we can appreciate daylight saving time and be grateful we get a few more hours of sunshine before it gets dark! Before we know it, actual spring weather will be here and snow will be a worry of next winter!

featured image source: Instagram/ @nyclovesnyc

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