Adorable Sheep Are Coming To Governors Island This Summer

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Adorable Sheep Are Coming To Governors Island This Summer

NYC’s favorite summer getaway, Governors Island, is hiring some very special employees this year…

Some fluffy, adorable sheep! The Governors Island Trust just announced that it’s bringing a family of five sheep to the island for the next four to five months.

Governors Island

They’ll hang out (aka work) in the relaxing Hammock Grove, making it an even more desirable spot to kick back on a beautiful day! The sheep will be control (aka eat) invasive plant species on that corner of the Island. They’ll munch on delicious herbaceous plants such as grasses, phragmites and flowering plants like mugwort and sunflowers and become an important part of the Island’s horticultural team.

The sheep are named Flour, Sam, Evening, Chad, and Philip Aries, and they come from Friends of Tivoli Lake Preserve and Farm in Albany. Malcolm Gore, the Senior Gardner of the Island’s Horticulture division, will manage the flock this summer.

Governors Island

Governors Island will officially open to the public on May 1 (and the sheep will be there then!). Besides enjoying sips at a tropical bar, camping under the stars, and NYC’s largest slide, you can also take in the cutest sheep!

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