Here Is Why Real New Yorkers Don’t Mind The Cold

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Here Is Why Real New Yorkers Don’t Mind The Cold

After a foggy Sunday in the city, temperatures are expected to plummet again bringing back the chill to the city. Temperatures that would be seen as the herald of a coming apocalypse in California, are just another day in the office for we New Yorkers. Are we immune to the cold? …or is it that we’re just made of tougher stuff? Here are the reasons why low temperatures and the frozen precipitation don’t phase us:

1. New Yorkers Don’t Stop Moving


The NYC region is famous for its pace. New Yorkers can barely stop for traffic lights. And your risk of dying from hypothermia is far less than your risk of dying from a traffic accident in this city.

2. We’d Go Stir Crazy Staying Inside All Day


Ever watch a goldfish swimming in circles in a really tiny bowl? That’s what it feels like to stay in your tiny city apartment all day. Sooner or later, no matter how cold it is outside, you’re going to need to take a walk to avoid losing your mind.

3. We aren’t lizards.


Personally, I get a little tired of hearing people lament the cold, and praise the heat. We live in NYC, we have great coffee shops, we can buy scarves, admire rosy cheeked people. Only lizards feel that way about high temperatures. Get over it.

4. Our Journeys Are Already Long And Arduous


When you already have to transfer twice or walk ten blocks to get where you’re going, while carrying something heavy and probably having nowhere to hold on in the subway car, adding freezing temperatures into the mix is barely a challenge.

5. Cold Is Arguably Better Than Heat

subway spa

You can always add another layer when it’s cold. But in the summer when the entire island of Manhattan is sweating, you can’t walk around naked (or, you could, but you might get arrested). Most of us would rather wait for the subway wearing our coats than wait for the subway feeling like we’re in a sauna.

6. New Yorkers Have Thick Skin

[Tina Leggio/Flickr]
[Tina Leggio/Flickr]
It’s a biological fact. Our thick skin is actually what keeps us warm.

featured image source [flickr | Kevin Case]

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