Queens Night Market Has Announced Their Opening Date For Spring 2019

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Like Smorgasburg, except better. The Queens Night Market, now in its fifth season, has announced that it will be back for the spring on April 20.

We might still be in the dead of winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning for the warmer months ahead! And one of the best parts about spring is the abundance of outdoor markets and food trucks. The Queens International Night Market is just one of those events. Last year, the event averaged over 10,000 attendees each Saturday night and this year is expected to be just as successful.

This family-friendly experience will feature up to 200 independent vendors selling merchandise, art, and food. Small-scale cultural performances and concerts that celebrate the rich cultural diversity and heritage of NYC and Queens will also take place. This year, the market will open an hour earlier than the previous years, starting at 5 pm every Saturday starting in April.

photo: @queensnightmarket via Instagram

The best part about it? The price cap on almost all food options is just $5! According to the founder of the market, John Wang,

“The whole point of the Queens Night Market is to serve the broadest possible community, to embrace diversity in ethnicity, in socioeconomic status, in age – in you-name-it. We believe affordability is absolutely critical to achieving this, and that’s why we refuse to let go of the price cap, despite the burden it imposes on the business model.”

photo: @queensnightmarket via Instagram

Another huge perk about the event this year is that the partition around the beer and wine garden will be gone, and patrons over 21 will be permitted to consume alcohol throughout the entire event grounds.

photo: @queensnightmarket via Instagram

This grassroots phenomenon has turned into an NYC must see and we’re expecting big things from the Queens Night Market from here on out. This year they even expect to put out various media projects including a cookbook anthology featuring stories and recipes from immigrant food vendors participating in the event.

You can find more information on the official website.

Featured image: @queensnightmarket via Instagram