Beyonce Inspired Cocktails Are Actually A Thing In NYC

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Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you. Pretty much everyone has been vying for Beyonce’s love since her surprise release of last month’s ‘Lemonade.’  No surprise, then, that a number of NYC bars have jumped on the Bey bandwagon to try market their own versions of the classic recipe, packed with a New York punch (and plenty of alcohol). Whether or not you choose to get caught up in all of that “Becky with the Good Hair” business, we suggest you get a taste of these four lemonades fit for a queen.

The Queen Bey at LeGrande Lounge  (In the Time Hotel, 224 W. 49th St.)

Queen Bey
Kevin Argus (barman) and the “Queen Bey” [nydailynews.com]
No need for hot sauce in your bag at this spot. LeGrande’s Lounge> is offering up a dangerously good tabasco-infused blueberry vodka cocktail. And the $13 price tag? That’s a nod to the number of years Bey has hit it solo since her 2003 split from Destiny’s Child.

Jalapeño Cucumber Lemonade at Ditch Plains (29 Bedford St.)

Beyonce’s grandmother’s lemonade was just a bit of lemons, water and sugar, but this Midtown eatery took it up a notch by adding cucumber water and jalapeño to the mix. Pair the refreshing drink with a side of cheddar tater tots or juicy drama, whichever you prefer.

The Spicy Sandia at Bodega Negra (In the Dream Downtown, 355 W. 16th St.)

Don’t hurt yourself…this melon cocktail is just about as spicy as the pop princess herself. Habanero syrup is mixed with lemon juice and chunks of watermelon at Chelsea’s Bodega Negra, where tequila is taken seriously and the stylish ranchero decor will take you back to the Southwestern roads of Bee’s cameo in the Gaga “Telephone” music video.

Hot Sauce at American Cut Midtown (109 E. 56th St.)

One more hot sauce drink for the road (I ain’t sorry). American Cut Midtown heats up its limoncello with sriracha, lemon juice, gin, agave and blueberries. We’re all about to be drunk in love with this one.

Featured image source: [theverge.com]

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