NYC’s Gelato Sushi Will Change the Way You Think About Ice Cream

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NYC’s Gelato Sushi Will Change the Way You Think About Ice Cream

Master gelatista, Luca Grassi of Gelarto, is changing the way you think about ice cream, and the flavors it pairs with, with his new Gelato Sushi in NYC.

If New York does one thing right in the summer, it’s definitely ice cream. You can get it as black as your emo soul, or rainbow colored, in every shape and size. Don’t be a hater, be an innovator, am I right? Here’s the good news, there’s another ice cream trend that’s hitting the dessert scene in NYC, and it’s actually something innovative and delicious. Gelato sushi.

Rather than tasty cuts of raw fish and rice, this gelato sushi mixes unexpected flavors, formed in the shape of traditional sushi.

East Village ice cream shop Gelarto, is taking their Italian routes and colliding them with Japanese cuisine brilliantly. The founder of Gelarto, Luca Grassi, has been making gelato in Italy since 1986, truly a master “gelatista”, and he’ll change the way you think about pairing flavors with ice cream forever. One of his gelato sushi creations features a “fresh farm-raised Swedish Fish” drizzled with a sweet sauce on an oval gelato base.

After ramen burgers and unicorn pizza, when it comes to food fads, we’re at the point in NYC where we’re just happy when something starts to trend that’s actually delicious as well as interesting to look at. That’s definitely the case here. If you feel like challenging your ice cream preconceptions, trying something new, or even looking for more foodie fodder to clog up your Instagram, you NEED to check out Gelarto’s Gelato sushi (145 Avenue A in the East Village).

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