NYC’s Goth Ice Cream Is Tastier than it looks

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

NYC’s Goth Ice Cream Is Tastier than it looks

Black ice cream is what all the cool kids are eating. At least, all the cool kids in L.A. were eating it with a little ice cream shop called Little Damage (even that name is so Goth!). But if you want ice cream as black as your soul and your eyeliner, don’t fret. NYC has it’s own black ice cream at a shop called Morgenstern’s.

Located on Rivington St, Morgenstern’s Ice Cream has a black coconut ash that is every bit as delicious sounding as it is intimidating to look at. It’s part of a whole slew of amazing flavors offered, from coconut espresso to Rockiest Road. They also offer ice cream cakes and sorbets, if you want to have ice creams healthier cousin. If you need more black with your black ice cream, maybe some chocolate sprinkles on top? They’ve got plenty of toppings to make it all the better.

Black ice cream, while a new thing here in the U.S, has long been a tradition in Japan with their sesame ice cream. Those Japanese are always ten steps ahead of us on everything! First technology, now ice cream!

So if you’ve been trying to find a way to take all this sunshine and happiness of the summer and bury it while enjoying the most goth summer treat there is, you’ve hit jackpot with Morgenstern’s.

Go grab a cone and then mope about the rest of your day.

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