Unicorn Pizza proves New York has Finally Jumped the Shark

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Unicorn Pizza proves New York has Finally Jumped the Shark

Just when you thought unicorn lattes and ramen burgers were the pinnacles of ridiculous NYC food trends, the city shoots out something even dumber… welcome the Unicorn Pizza.  

If you’re anything like me, you believe that some things in life are sacred. Granted, for me personally, it’s a pretty short list; Silence in the theater, quick flowing pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk, and pizza. Yes, Pizza. Make your unicorn lattes and rainbow cupcakes, delight over your unicorn milkshake, I couldn’t give a damn… I applaud you even. Just KEEP. YOUR. UNICORN-LOVIN’ HANDS. OFF. OF. MY. SLICE!

Ok, so hopefully I’ve been implicit enough there for you to understand how unamused we are with the unicorn pizza. That was, until, we found out what it actually was.

Its official name is the “Pop Candy Land Pizza” and comes to NYC courtesy of Industry Kitchen in the Financial District. See this isn’t really a pizza at all, in flavor it’s actually a lot more like a cookie.

The faux pie is made with rainbow dough, covered in vanilla icing, sprinkles, and Pop Rocks. The pièce de résistance is the giant pouf of pink and blue cotton candy. While it’s cut up sliced to look like a pizza this sweet dessert is actually more of a sugar cookie in flavor.

So there you have it, all that vitriol for naught. But, please, can we call it a day with the unicorn stuff now before we give the whole city diabetes. Thanks.

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