West Coast Wildfire Smoke Reaches NYC, Blanketing The City In A Deep Haze

This is the worst NYC air quality in 14 years!

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

West Coast Wildfire Smoke Reaches NYC, Blanketing The City In A Deep Haze

It’s been hazy and gray in NYC this week, and it isn’t because of stormy weather.

The West Coast has been undergoing devastating wildfires, the effects of which have now made it as far as NYC, thousands of miles away.

Satellite images from the National Weather Service show remnants of smoke and haze making their way across to the East Coast. Here’s what the live view from different points of the city currently looks like via EarthCam.

New York Harbor via EarthCam.
World Trade Center from EarthCam

An air quality warning has also been issued across New York State, through midnight tonight. Those with respiratory problems should be on alert and avoid heavy exertion outdoors.

For the past few mornings, New Yorkers also noticed that the morning sun had an eerie red tint, another fact that could be attributed to the fires.

NBC’s Storm Team 4 reports that this is the worst air quality NYC has had in 14 years.

According to NBC News, more than 75 wildfires have occurred over more than 1 million acres across 13 states. As of today, about 3 million people are under “red flag warnings” across eight states in the Northwest and the northern Plains.

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